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'Gap needs to narrow' between Paralympians & disabled

Para-Equestrian gold medalist Sophie Christiansen has said that the UK needs to "narrow the gap" between how it views Paralympians and attitudes towards disabled people in general.

Sophie told ITV News: "I think a year ago at the Paralympics everyone was at an all-time high. perceptions of disability had really changed. I think a tear on perceptions are still changing, they're still positive towards Paralympians and to a certain extend disability.

"I do think a slight negativity is creeping in, in terms of stories in the news about 'benefit scroungers'.

"We really need to narrow that gap between Paralympians and the regular disability community. You can be disabled and not do sport and still do amazing things."

  1. Cordelia Kretzschmar

Paralympian could be affected by benefit changes

Paralympian Sophie Christiansen, who won three gold medals at London 2012, fears she may be affected by the changes to disability benefit that will come into force today.

Speaking to Daybreak she said, "I use the money to actually make my life sustainable as it were, I use it for my wheelchair, my scooter, the extra care social services don't provide."