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Diver: 'We can't see the ship's white colour'

A diver tasked with getting information from the sunken ferry has told relatives that they "cannot even see the ship's white colour".

Divers prepare for a search and rescue operation for the South Korean ferry "Sewol". Credit: REUTERS/Issei Kato

Diver Kim Chun-il said that two divers had to return to the surface when an air pump stopped and said strong tides were impeding the rescue and that the divers are only "touching the hull with their hands."

Rescuers have pumped air into the vessel, but divers have not yet entered areas of the ship where many of the missing are believed to be.

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Relatives wait for a glimmer of hope regarding survivors

South Korean families and friends of missing students aboard a sunken ferry await any news on survivors at Danwon High School, as the search continues for about 270 missing passengers

Many have slept in the gymnasium throughout the ordeal.

Video shown below in South Korean:

One 21 year old alumni Kim Yankg-Eun said on the phone:

"She is such a caring girl, so she must have asked other people to evacuate first leaving herself behind. She must be inside the ship waiting for rescuers with her friends"

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Four cranes arrive to lift sunken South Korean ship

Four seaborne cranes have arrived to salvage the sunken South Korean ferry as the search continues for 270 missing passengers.

Rescue and recovery attempts were continuing on Friday, but the work was expected to be slow.

One of the four cranes arrive to lift the wreckage. Credit: RTV

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Captain evacuating first goes against 'common sense'

The captain of the South Korean ferry who was not at he the helm as it capsized and evacuated the ship before passengers was "going against tradition" and "common sense", a maritime expert told Daybreak.

Chris Ware also commented on reports the third officer was at the helm as the ship ran into trouble, saying an officer of that ranking should be "competent" enough to help evacuate passengers.


Third officer at helm when South Korea ferry capsized

The third officer was at the helm of a South Korean ferry when it capsized, an investigating prosecutor told a news conference, Reuters reports.

The death toll has risen to 25 following the sinking of the South Korean ferry. Credit: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The investigator added that the captain may not even have been on the bridge at the time.

"He may have been off the bridge ... and the person at the helm at the time was the third officer," the investigator said.

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Death toll rises to 25 after South Korea ferry sinking

The death toll from a capsized South Korean passenger ferry has risen to 25.

Of 475 passengers and crew on the Sewol ferry, which capsized in calm seas on Wednesday, 179 people are listed as safe and 271 are still missing.

A relative of a passenger onboard the capsized South Korean ferry stands at a port where family members gathered to wait for news. Credit: REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

South Korean authorities were due to restart rescue efforts this morning, which will include the deployment of an unmanned submarine to inspect the vessel.

Divers - hampered by strong tides and murky waters - have so far been unable to gain access inside the ferry.

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