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North and South Korea reach agreement to defuse tensions

North and South Korea have reached an agreement following two days of talks to end hostilities between the two sides.

Under the accord, North Korea expressed regret over a landmine incident that wounded two South Korean soldiers earlier this month. South Korea, in return, agreed to stop anti-North propaganda broadcasts along the border from midday tomorrow.

Follow up talks are planned aimed at improving relations between the two countries. Credit: The South Korean Unification Ministry via AP

In a joint statement, the two sides agreed to hold follow-up talks aimed at improving ties. North Korea has ended the "quasi-state of war" it had declared.

Last week an exchange of artillery fire across the border had pushed the Korean peninsula to the brink of armed conflict.

"It is very meaningful that from this meeting North Korea apologised for the landmine provocation and promised to work to prevent the recurrence of such events and ease tensions." Kim Kwan-jin, South Korea's national security adviser said in a televised statement.

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