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Astronauts land safely back on Earth after year in space

Three astronauts who have spent a year aboard the International Space Station have landed safely back on Earth.

Scott Kelly spent a year in space Credit: Reuters

The trio were part of an experiment to measure the impact of lengthy periods in zero gravity on the human body, as part of preparations for future space travel.

The landing took place in a steppe near the city of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan at 10:26am local time (4.26am GMT), Nasa reported. A search and rescue team has located the capsule.


SpaceShipTwo to offer passengers chance of floating about in zero gravity

Tickets for a ride aboard SpaceShipTwo will set you back £174,500 Credit: Mark Greenbe / DPA/PA Images

Sir Richard Branson says his Virgin Galactic team have been working day and night for the past 15 months to get SpaceShipTwo ready for taking passengers on a trip of a lifetime.

Here is what you can expect from purchasing a £174,500-ticket for the voyage into space:

  • Flight time of approximately two hours
  • 60-minute journey from take-off to release from the WhiteKnightTwo carrier at approximately 50,000ft
  • Independent flight time of 30 times
  • "Unique thrills of spaceflight, enjoying the opportunity to leave seats to float in zero gravity for several minutes"
  • Filmed version of the flight

Taking into account the 30-minute independent flight time, based on the full price of a ticket, half an hour on the unsupported spaceship will cost £5,800, or roughly about £97 per second.

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