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Timelapse shows SpaceX rocket successfully landing at sea

NASA has released footage of the unmanned rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 making a third successful return to earth in under two months.

The timelapse footage from the onboard camera shows the rocket journeying back to earth and landing on an autonomous drone ship at sea.

SpaceX are testing ways to recycle boosters to lower launch costs, opening space to more people.

NASA is currently one of SpaceX's largest customers and uses the rocket to fly cargo to the International Space Station with the aim of sending astronauts next year.

SpaceX Dragon starts return journey to Earth

The SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule has begun its return journey to Earth after being released from the International Space Station (ISS), NASA has confirmed.

The unmanned spacecraft went to the ISS to deliver the first official shipment under a $1.6 billion (£994 million) contract with NASA.


Splashdown for cargo SpaceX Dragon

NASA have announced the SpaceX company's Dragon cargo capsule has successfully landed in the Pacific ocean.

The SpaceX capsule is the first privately owned vehicle to successfully complete a mission to the International Space Station.

Unmanned space capsule due to head back to Earth

The first privately-owned vehicle to reach the International Space Station is due to start heading back to Earth this morning. The £65 billion pound SpaceX Dragon capsule will descend 250 miles and splash down in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern California.

The capsule is due to begin its journey at 9:05 UK time.

Rays of sunshine and Earth's thin blue atmosphere behind the SpaceX Dragon commercial cargo craft Credit: NASA
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