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British couple found dead in Spain

A British couple have been found dead in Spain. The Foreign Office said the couple were discovered in the town of Alicante on the south eastern coast, a popular destination for tourists and expats.

Credit: Google Maps

We can confirm the death of two British nationals in Alicante, Spain. We stand ready to provide consular assistance.

– Foreign Office

Spain wait on fitness of Chelsea's Costa

Costa's hamstring has been causing him problems. Credit: Reuters

Diego Costa will undergo tests in London on Monday to assess whether he can remain in the Spain squad for the upcoming internationals against Ukraine and Holland.

Costa limped off with a hamstring injury in the second half of Chelsea's 3-2 win at Hull on Sunday, sparking fears he may withdraw from international duty.

The Spanish federation (RFEF) said in a statement: "Costa will undergo tests on Monday in London and the results will be available to Spain's medical staff for their evaluation."

The Brazil-born forward missed games against Belarus and Germany because of a hamstring problem back in November.

Malaga striker Juanmi has been added to the group, meanwhile.

Juanmi, who has scored seven goals in 24 games for Malaga this season, has won the European Championship twice with Spain's under-19 team but is yet to be capped at senior level.


Pictures show toxic cloud looming over Spain

A large toxic cloud of orange smoke rose above large areas of northern Spain today following an explosion at a chemical factory in the Catalonia region.

More than 40,000 people in the immediate area surrounding the site in the northern town of Igualada, and in neighbouring towns, were urged to stay indoors and keep their doors and windows closed until the worst of the smoke cleared.

Regional government officials said they believed the explosion had been caused by two volatile chemicals coming into contact during a delivery at the factory.

An orange toxic cloud is seen over the town of Igualada, near Barcelona following an explosion in a chemical plant Credit: REUTERS/Paula Arias
A police officer wearing a mask blocks off a street after an explosion at a chemical plant caused a toxic cloud to spread over Igualada near Barcelona Credit: REUTERS/Albert Gea
Three people were injured in the explosion at the chemical plant in northern Spain on Thursday and authorities advised residents of several small towns near Barcelona to stay indoors as a large toxic cloud spread over the area Credit: REUTERS/Paula Arias

Amateur footage shows Spain's toxic cloud rising into sky

Video footage, captured on a mobile phone's camera, has shown the dramatic aftermath of a chemical factory explosion in Spain's Catalonia region.

In the 43 second clip, released by David Orta, clouds of toxic orange and yellow smoke can be seen billowing into the sky in the distance above a motorway.

Watch the full clip here:

A car passenger captured video footage of yellow smoke billowing into the sky following an explosion at a chemical factory in Catalonia Credit: David Orta/Reuters

Catalan authorities have urged 40,000 people in the immediate area, and in five neighbouring towns, to stay indoors and keep their doors and windows closed following the explosion.


Thousands march in Madrid ahead of election

Tens of thousands of people have flooded the centre of Madrid in a rally for the far-left party Podemos, a party formed just a year ago which is currently topping opinion polls in the run up to local, regional and national elections this year.

People are fed up with the political class

– Pensioner, speaking to Reuters
Central Madrid has been flooded with tens of thousands of anti-austerity protests. Credit: Reuters

Last week, Alexis Tsipras swept into victory on a wave of anti-austerity anger in Greece. He said he hoped voters across Europe would be inspired by Greece to break the "vicious cycle of austerity". Speaking shortly after his election he said:

First we talk Athens, then we take Madrid.

– Alexis Tsipras

Thousands of anti-austerity protesters rally in Madrid

Tens of thousands of people turned out to take part in a march organised by Spain's anti-austerity party Podemos today.

Chanting "yes we can" and "tic tac tic tac" the gathered protesters were supporting Podemos' call for political change in light of the country's struggling economy.

The Podemos march Credit: Reuters
The crowds were calling for political change Credit: Reuters
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