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Teenager dies in Spanish bungee jump accident

A dutch teenager has died while bungee jumping in northern Spain.

The 17-year-old was taking part in a jump run by an adventure company near a viaduct in Cantabria yesterday when emergency services say she "fell from the jumping area", falling 40m into a dry riverbed below.

The dutch teen died after falling from a bungee platform near a viaduct in Cantabria Credit: RTV

The teenager's death comes one month after a 23-year-old British woman died while bungee jumping near Granada, southern Spain.



Bungee jumping is still a safe activity, says expert

Experts say bungee jumping is still safe after a British student died while reportedly doing the activity abroad.

Kleyo De Abreu was killed yesterday as she jumped off the Tablate Bridge in Lanjaron, Granada.

Andy Ridell, technical director of the UK Bungee Club, said she could have been taking part in bungee jumping or bridge swinging but "in general both activities, if well run, are safe".

He told ITV News: "Make sure the operators are reputable. They should have good reviews.

"Look at the crew, are they all in uniform? Look at the checks they are making. If a harness has been fitted, does someone else come and recheck it. Look at the equipment. Do you have a back up harness in case one fails?

"These are all tell-tale signs of whether an operation is safe and whether to go ahead."

Three Spanish journalists 'kidnapped in Syria'

The Syrian city of Aleppo where the reporters are thought to have been captured. Credit: Reuters

Three Spanish journalists have been kidnapped in Syria, the Spanish Press Association FAPE reported.

It is thought the freelance reporters were captured in the Syrian city of Aleppo where they had spent several days.

They are believed to be Angel Sastre, Antonio and Jose Manuel Lopez Pampliega, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The paper reported the last time the three were heard from was on June 10.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said it was aware of the situation and was "working on it".

Spain 'to debate Greek bailout' ahead of Greece

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he will put the details of a third Greek bailout to his own parliament for debate and ask for its approval.

Mariano Rajoy and Alexis Tsipras in talks earlier this month. Credit: Reuters

Rajoy's People's Party holds an absolute majority in parliament. He did not say when the vote would take place.

"Even though this step is not obligatory in our country, it is my intent to take it to parliament for debate and possible approval (...) because there are a lot of funds that Spanish taxpayers are being asked to guarantee," Rajoy told parliament.

Most eurozone governments will wait until the proposals have been through the Greek parliament before raising the issue at home.

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