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Spain call-up young English goalkeeper Whalley

Real Zaragoza's English goalkeeper Oscar Whalley has received his first call-up to the Spain Under-21 squad.

Whalley, 20, has an English father and Mexican mother, but was born and brought in the Spanish city.

The stopper has impressed this season playing the the Spanish second division.

He has previously stated his preference would be to play for England.

Shepherds drive thousands of sheep through Madrid

More than 2,000 sheep meandered through central Madrid today as shepherds made use of their ancient grazing and droving rights.

The shepherds have to move their livestock from the mountainous areas, which will soon be under snow, to winter grazing grounds in southern Spain.

The so-called La Transhumancia migration route passes along Madrid's Alcala Street by the famous landmark Cibeles Fountain.

Madrid used to be a rural hamlet and for over 800 years farmers have being droving their animals along a route that now lies through the capital city.


Priest who worked with Ebola patients hospitalised in Spain

A man taken to hospital with Ebola symptoms in Madrid, was a priest who had been working with those with the disease, a source has told Reuters:

Possible Ebola case in Spain moved to hospital

A passenger who arrived in Madrid with Ebola-like symptoms has been removed from an Air France flights and taken to hospital.

Paramedics could be seen wearing protective suits. Credit: APTN

Two ambulances under police guard arrived at the hospital in Madrid. Paramedics in the ambulance could be seen wearing protective suits.

Police escorted the ambulances from the airport. Credit: APTN

Reports: Flight quarantined in Madrid over Ebola fears

An Air France flight has been quarantined at Madrid's Barajas airport following concerns that a passenger may have Ebola, according to Spanish media reports.

The plane was reportedly flying from Paris to Madrid, and landed in the Spanish capital at 11:30 local time (10:30 UK time) this morning.

Neither the airport nor Air France have confirmed the media reports.


US seeks permission to use Spanish bases in Ebola operation

The United States has asked the Madrid government for permission to use the US air bases in Spain in its operation to combat the Ebola crisis in Africa, a Defence Ministry source has said.

The source is quoted by Reuters as saying that teh bases would be used as "a transit point for logistics and engineers building up field hospitals in Liberia and Sierra Leone".

Spanish nurse infected with Ebola showing signs of 'slight improvement'

A Spanish nurse infected with Ebola is showing signs of "slight improvement", the Spanish government has said.

Fernando Simon, Emergency Coordinator at the Spanish Health Ministry, said that Teresa Romero's viral count "appears to be getting under control":

The viral count that Teresa has appears to be getting under control; this is a very important point, this creates high hopes that the infection is coming under control. But we have to be very careful. It is a hopeful sign but obviously a person with Ebola is always in a critical situation because of the seriousness of the disease.

– Fernando Simon, spain's health ministry

Hundreds protest over killing of 'Ebola-infected' dog

Hundreds of Spanish protesters took to the streets of Madrid again today to show their outrage at the killing of a dog thought to be infected with Ebola.

A placard is hung on a dog reading 'Excalibur, we won't forget nor forgive' Credit: REUTERS/Andrea Comas

The Labrador-type breed, named Excalibur, belonged to a Spanish nurse who is believed to be the first person to contract Ebola outside West Africa.

Two dogs wear T-shirts reading 'I'm also Excalibur' Credit: REUTERS/Andrea Comas

Teresa Romero Ramos' husband, Javier, is being held in quarantine at a hospital in Madrid along with 15 others to check for signs of the virus.

Javier previously released a video urging authorities not to euthanise their dog.

Hundreds of people protesting against the killing of a dog believed to have Ebola Credit: REUTERS/Andrea Comas

Ebola Spanish nurse remains 'stable' in hospital

A Spanish nurse, who is the first person outside of Africa to contract Ebola, is "stable" in hospital despite earlier reports her condition was critical, health officials said.

Spanish nurse Teresa Romero, who has contracted the Ebola virus. Credit: Facebook

Teresa Romero remains in a serious condition in hospital, a Carlos III hospital spokeswoman said offering no further information on the nurse's situation.

Mrs Romero contracted the virus while treating a Spanish missionary who became infected in west Africa and later died.

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