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Test flights of military planes continue after crash

Test flights of the A400M military cargo and troop carriers will go ahead as planned unless evidence emerges requiring them to stop, Airbus has said.

Wreckage from the crash Credit: Reuters

It comes after an A400M plane, due to be delivered to Turkey, crashed into a field near Seville airport in Spain during a test flight, killing four of the six crew.

A spokesman for the company - Europe's largest aerospace group - said the next test flight on Tuesday in Toulouse, France, would take place as scheduled.

Military plane's black boxes found after Seville crash

Two black boxes, belonging to a plane which crashed near Seville airport yesterday, have been located.

The boxes, which could hold clues as to what happened before the Airbus A400M military aircraft crashed in a field north of Seville airport killing four of the six crew, have been handed over to investigators reports Reuters.

The wreckage of Airbus A400M is seen after crashing in a field near Seville in Spain Credit: Reuters


Four dead and two in hospital after Spain test flight crash

Airbus Defence and Space said that of a total crew of six on board the test flight, four were killed and two are in hospital in a serious condition.

The remains of Airbus A400M Credit: Reuters

All the crew members are company employees and of Spanish nationality. A spokesman said: "Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those affected by this tragic accident and we are providing all our care and support."

An Airbus Group team of technical advisers is being sent to provide full assistance to the official committee in charge of the investigation. The plane was expected to be the third aircraft to be delivered to the Turkish customer, and formal delivery was scheduled for next month.

Footage shows burning wreckage of crashed Spain flight

Footage has emerged of the aftermath of a plane crash in Spain.

A military transport plane crashed near southwestern Seville airport, killing its crew, Spain's prime minister said. It is unclear if anyone else was injured.

Mariano Rajoy said up to 10 crew members were aboard the brand new Airbus A400M aircraft that was undergoing flight trials at the airport.

Emergency services: Three killed in Seville plane crash

Three people have reportedly died after a plane crashed one mile north of Seville's San Pablo airport today.

The wreckage of Airbus A400M is seen after crashing in a field near Seville in Spain. Credit: Reuters

The Spanish emergency services department confirmed three people were killed and two seriously injured after the plane went down, Reuters reports.

It is believed two people who were on the flight are still unaccounted for.

UK's Airbus A400 operations suspended after Spain crash

The Ministry of Defence has said that as a precaution the UK’s Airbus A400M aircraft operations have been suspended in the wake of a military plane crash in Spain involving the same model.

We are aware of reports that an A400M has crashed in Seville. As a precaution, the UK’s A400M aircraft operations have been paused.

– MoD spokesman


Spanish PM: Crashed plane had up to 10 people on board

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has confirmed that between 8 and 10 people were on board a military plane which crashed north of Seville's San Pablo airport today.

Smoke could be seen rising over Seville following the crash Credit: APTN

Rajoy also confirmed that all those on board the crashed plane were Spanish nationals and are believed to have been airbus employees, Reuters reports.

Rajoy said: "We express our deepest sympathy. They were fellow countrymen."

Military plane crashes near Seville airport

A military plane has crashed near Seville airport on Saturday, Reuters reports, citing Spain's defence ministry.

As many as seven people were on board, El Pais newspaper reported.

The ministry was not able to confirm whether there were any casualties from the crash.

The crash occured north of Seville airport. Credit: Google
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