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Man accidentally sets house on fire trying to kill spider

A man accidentally set a house on fire - while trying to kill a spider.

The man tried to get rid of the spider by setting it on fire. Credit: PA/file photo

Firefighters were called to an address in Bridgend, South Wales, and saw smoke billowing from a rear window.

But they were gobsmacked to discover that the fire started when a man sprayed a spider with an aerosol before setting it alight.

A spokesman for Mid West and Wales Fire (MWF) Service said: "We attended at an incident at Kenfig Hill at 11.57am today.

"Crews extinguished a small fire at the rear of the property, which was caused when the occupant tried to remove a spider after initially spraying it with an aerosol and then setting it alight.The flames then spread to the rest of the room."

The fire service urged members of the public to avoid using aerosols inappropriately - and added that there were "more conventional ways" to get rid of spiders and insects.


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Leg swells 'to twice normal size' after spider bite

Ricki Whitmore says the spiders started running towards him before biting his leg. Speaking to the Daily Star he said:

There was a really sharp pain and then my leg started to throb. I managed to get home, but by the time I arrived my thigh had swollen to twice its normal size.

There was a really sharp pain and then my leg started to throb.

Ricki's wife Carrie added:

He looked terrible. He was pale, sweating and his leg was killing him. Even our son's Stanley, 11 and little Ricki, two, could tell something was wrong.

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False widow spider 'eats man's leg' in east London

A man from east London has reportedly been attacked by a venomous spider, known as a 'false widow'. Ricki Whitmore claims the creature bit him, causing his leg to swell. He ended up in hospital on an antibiotic drip. Speaking to the Daily Star he said:

I found a nest of spiders' in a school I was renovating. They were quite big, a purplish brown colour with strange markings on their back.

I'd never seen anything like it. It was quite creepy. I'd never kill a spider but I needed access to the corner so I just swept them away.