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EasyJet advises passengers to check-in as normal

EasyJet advises passengers to check in for flights as normal. Credit: PA Wire

EasyJet advised passengers to check in for flights as normal "as the situation can improve", but suggested they refer to the airline's flight tracker page for updates.

A message on its website read: "Although this is beyond easyJet's control, we apologise for any inconvenience that you may experience today."


Frustrated passengers grounded by air control problems


Up at 5 to fly to Newcastle. Still in Gatwick. Might have two spares for Sunderland if this goes on much longer...


Stuck at Bordeaux airport as my BA flight back to Gatwick is delayed by 80 minutes. #grrr

UK airports continuing to experience delays


A technical issue with air traffic control is resulting in some flight delays. Pls check with your airline for specific flight info


Air traffic control issues in the south of the UK are affecting flights from @nclairport - check with your airline for full details.


Due to a technical fault with @natspressoffice there are delays on southbound flights. Contact your airline if intending to fly.


Cancellations and delays at Heathrow after issues

A technical problem at the air traffic control centre has caused delays at airports across the UK. Credit: PA Wire

Heathrow Airport have said there have been cancellations for flights scheduled to leave this morning after a technical problem at the air traffic control centre.

A Heathrow Airport spokeswoman said: "We are currently experiencing some delays."

Flight information on the airport's website showed several departures to both domestic and international destinations had been cancelled.

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Passengers stuck on tarmac at Stansted Airport


Stuck on the tarmac at Stansted... Not a good start to a quick weekend away :(


Aggghhh big problems at Stansted. Too many flights, too many computer problems. Stuck on Ryanair plane. But not taking off for 2.5 hours

Stansted and Gatwick flights facing two hour delays

Departing flights from Gatwick and Stansted are facing delays of up to two hours after issues within UK air traffic control.

A Stansted spokesman said all departing flights are subject to delays of between 30 minutes and two hours.

Gatwick Airport said 20 per cent of its departures were experiencing delays, with passengers warned they could wait for a "couple of hours".

The airport said there were currently no issues with arrivals.

Passengers are advised to check with their airline for the latest situation.

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