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Redmayne: Spending time with Stephen Hawking a 'great honour'

Credit: Golden Globe Awards/Hollywood Foreign Press Association

Eddie Redmayne said that spending time with Stephen Hawking and his family in preparation for his role in The Theory of Everything was "one of the great honours" of his life.

The British actor won a Golden Globe for best actor in a drama for his portrayal of the celebrated physicist.

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Prof Stephen Hawking backs assisted suicide bill

Professor Stephen Hawking has backed the Assisted Dying Bill that will be debated in the House of Lords today.

Professor Stephen Hawking has backed the the Assisted Dying Bill. Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

The 72-year-old scientist told BBC it was "discrimination against the disabled to deny them the right to kill themselves that able bodied people have."

The Bill proposes allowing doctors to prescribe a lethal dose to terminally ill patients judged to have less than six months to live.

Professor Hawking, has motor neurone disease, said it would be "wrong to despair and commit suicide, unless one is in great pain, but that is a matter of choice."

Peers are set to debate the former Labour Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer's bill today.


Physicist Stephen Hawking to star in Go Compare advert

Renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking is the latest celebrity to silence the Go Compare advert singer, by sucking the opera singer into a black hole.

Professor Stephen Hawking features in the latest Credit: Gocompare

The former Lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge University is the next celebrity to star in the website's adverts, where well-known figures plot to destroy fictitious singer Gio Compario.

The advert, which will be shown for the first time today, sees the 70-year-old Hawking to announce to a packed lecture theatre that he has discovered how to generate a super massive black hole, in which the singer gets sucked into.

Tenor Gio Compario played by Wynne Evans, being sucked into a black hole. Credit:

Professor Hawking said: "I confess I am a fan of the adverts, but I am also an opera fan, so I was delighted to be given the opportunity to help save the nation and silence Gio. I hope the public find it as funny as I did."