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Thousands expected at Stonehenge for summer solstice

Police have warned revellers about anti-social behaviour at the site Credit: PA

More than 30,000 people are expected at Stonehenge today for the summer solstice.

Several thousand more - including hippies and pagans - are likely to visit the nearby Avebury stone circle to witness the sun rising at 4.52am on the longest day.

Whilst Stonehenge is believed to have been used as an important religious site by early Britons 4,000 years ago, pagan celebrations at the site only began in the 20th Century

Superintendent Gavin Williams of Wiltshire Police, who is leading the policing operation, warned of "robust" policing at the historic site.

"This year falls on Saturday so we are expecting in the region of 30,000 visitors throughout the night. The police will be there to ensure public safety and support the event," he said.

"There will be drugs dogs and amnesty bins at the entry points and we will deal robustly with any disorder or anti-social behaviour."

  1. Lucy Verasamy

Plenty of sunshine for the summer solstice

Plenty of sunshine for the longest day of the year - just a little cloud around but staying bright.

The cloud across Scotland and Northern Ireland will break up to leave a better afternoon.

In the sunshine it'll be 19-20C in the north, 25C in the south, so a little warmer than of late - but cooler by the coasts.

Thousands witness sunrise at Stonehenge

An estimated 37,000 people saw the sun rise at Stonehenge on the longest day in the calendar.

Sun rises at Stonehnge this morning Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

The Summer Solstice has a long tradition of attracting people to monuments such as Stonehenge, where people gather to witness the dawn.

Tens of thousands of people gathered at the site to witness the sunrise. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

25 people have been arrested at Stonehenge overnight, police said. Officers with Wiltshire Police said the arrests were largely for drugs-related offences.

The sun rises above the horizon as dawn breaks behind the stones at Stonehenge Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
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