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More than 70% would 'give up dessert' for battery life

Almost half of those surveyed said that if their mobile phone died they would only be able to remember three phone numbers - and more than 70% said they would give up having pudding after a meal in order to have a fully charged smartphone for a month.

Kevin Malinowski, a spokesman for mophie, said:

Millions of people rely on their smartphones daily to stay in touch with loved ones and do work on the move.

But all of these activities hinge on a single factor: having enough juice to keep the phones running.

– mophie


Dead phone batteries 'causing stress' for millions

A dead battery in a smartphone would cause more stress for nine out of 10 Britons, as daily activities hinge on a single factor "having enough juice to keep the phones running," says a report by smartphone case maker mophie.

Experts suggest people should resist the urge to go to bed with their phones. Credit: Dominic Lipinski /PA Wire

According to the research, 92% of British people would feel stressed if the battery in their smartphone ran out, 61% said they would become frustrated, with 25% saying they would feel panicked.

Experts have suggested people should resist the urge of taking their devices to bed, and try to have set unplugged periods during the week.