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Public Health Wales: Get MMR vaccine before exams

Public Health Wales is urging young people to get the MMR vaccination before the start of their exams.

The increase of cases shows that the outbreak is not easing up, especially in the 10 to 18 year old age group.

Young people have important examinations coming up and we need to make sure that those aged between 10 and 18 are vaccinated so their preparation for these examinations are not affected.

Vaccination sessions are continuing in schools throughout Wales and I urge pupils and their parents to take advantage of these.

We have seen that measles can be potentially fatal and no one should be complacent about the severity of measles. It can kill but can be prevented by a simple, safe vaccine.

– Dr Marion Lyons, Director of Health Protection for Public Health Wales


MMR jabs for a million young people who missed out

One million children who missed out on the MMR vaccine in England are being targeted in a campaign to raise the level of protection against measles.

A nurse handles a syringe at a medical centre in Ashford, Kent Credit: Press Association

Young people who have not had either one or two doses of the MMR jab will be offered the vacine in a campaign costing £20 million at GP surgeries and schools.

  1. Wales

Next round of school MMR vaccinations begins

Secondary schools in Swansea and Neath Port Talbot will be targeted in another round of school MMR vaccinations this week.

Over 1,700 pupils will be offered the jab in 10 schools across the areas.

Health experts have urged parents of pupils who have had no MMR or who need a second jab to take advantage of the school clinics.

Measles is a horrible disease and the number of cases is still growing, with the latest figure standing at 765. Children and teenagers who are not protected with MMR have a very high risk of catching measles.

MMR is a simple and safe jab which will protect them during this serious measles outbreak. I would urge parents of unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children to sign the consent form so our nurses can give them an MMR jab in school.

– Sara Hayes, Director of Public Health at ABMU

Around 3,400 people turned out to receive the MMR vaccination in the latest round of clinics in South Wales over the weekend.

  1. Wales

MMR vaccination numbers reach highest level yet

Health chiefs at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board say 1,800 people were vaccinated at the area's four drop-in MMR clinics today – the highest number so far.

The full numbers are:

  • Princess of Wales Hospital: 727
  • Neath Port Talbot Hospital: 455
  • Morriston Hospital: 341
  • Singleton Hospital: 302

Many of the 1,825 given MMR jabs were older schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults - the target age group for vaccines.

I’m really pleased. We have seen a steady flow of people throughout the day; and I’m particularly delighted to see a higher number of older children and teenagers come through the door, as they are our main target group.

I’m also impressed with how smoothly the clinics are running. Our staff are working very efficiently and for most of the day there have been very few queues. After the initial rush, many people have arrived and either been seen straight away or waited just 10 or 15 minutes.

– Sara Hayes, Director of Public Health at ABMU


  1. Wales

Reports: Swansea man died from 'suspected measles'

It is reported that a 25 year old man found dead at a flat on Port Tennant Road in Swansea yesterday died from 'suspected' measles.

South Wales Police have confirmed that the death is not being treated as suspicious and that officers are awaiting the results of a post mortem examination.

Public Health Wales have told ITV News that they will be releasing a statement 'shortly.'

  1. Wales

Measles virus expected to spread further at schools

Thousands of people have gone to MMR vaccination clinics over the last two weekends.

Public Health Wales says vaccinations are being offered to parents in Swansea "on a scale never seen before."

It says the measles virus has continued to circulate and spread among children in the easter holidays, and is expected to spread further among those susceptible now they are back at school.

  1. Wales

Measles cases in every part of Wales

Public Health Wales says there are now cases of measles in every health board area in Wales.

Dr Marion Lyons, Director of Health Protection, says "we have no way of knowing where the outbreak might spread."

The outbreak has centred on the Swansea and Neath Port Talbot area.

We can’t bring this outbreak to an end unless the parents of unvaccinated children either arrange vaccination with their GP, call into one of the weekend drop-in sessions or ensure that if their child attends a school where vaccinations are being offered, they have signed a consent form for them to be vaccinated.

As children return to school after the Easter holidays, the opportunities for measles to spread increase. Now is the time to vaccinate your children.

– Dr Marion Lyons, Director of Health Protection, Public Health Wales
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