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Swiss voters reject 'foreign criminal deportation' plan

Swiss voters rejected a proposal to automatically deport foreign criminals Credit: Reuters

Swiss voters have rejected a right-wing proposal for the automatic deportation of foreign law-breakers, a defeat for the country's dominant anti-immigration Swiss People's Party (SVP).

The SVP proposal was to expel foreign residents guilty of anything from murder to speeding, but it was voted down in a referendum on Sunday.

Activists and business leaders said it would violate human rights and complicate relations with Switzerland's main trading partner, the EU, which is already unhappy with a 2014 vote that backed quotas on EU workers.

The final tally showed 58.9% of voters opposed automatic deportations, with a turnout of more than 62%.



Swiss army moo-ves water for sweltering cows

A cow is pictured in a field at the Tsermon mountain pasture in Gruyeres, Switzerland. Credit: Reuters

Cows sweltering under Switzerland's summer sun are getting help from an unexpected ally - the Swiss army.

Soldiers have been ordered to help keep cows cool amid a week-long heatwave by installing eight artificial reservoirs in the Jura mountains to supply the animals with drinking water.

Military helicopters will scoop water out of nearby lakes and fly it up to pastures.

The army last took on similar missions during the 2003 European heatwave that killed thousands of people.

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