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Police presence increased across Sydney after siege

Police numbers have been increased across Sydney in response to yesterday's cafe siege which left two people dead, senior New South Wales officers have said.

Police officers will be on patrol throughout Sydney following yesterday's attack. Credit: Reuters

There will be an increased police presence in public places, transport hubs and iconic locations such as the city's harbour.

Mick Fuller, the force's assistant commissioner, said the aim was to ensure all residents felt safe "during these testing times".

“We want the community of Sydney and for that matter NSW, to go about their day to day business with confidence and comfort in the knowledge they are safe,” assistant commissioner Mick Fuller said.

Police chief 'couldn't be sadder' after deadly Sydney siege

The New South Wales Police commissioner said he "couldn't be sadder" following the deaths of two hostages in the Sydney cafe siege.

Andrew Scipione told reporters: "It's incredibly sad - I don't think I could be sadder."

New South Wales Police commissioner Andrew Scipione. Credit: Channel 7 News

Sydney DJ describes phone call with cafe hostage

A Sydney DJ who spoke to one of the hostages trapped in the Lindt Chocolate Cafe has recalled the demands made by the lone gunman.

Ray Hadley told Good Morning Britain one of the hostages called 2GB radio station where Mr Hadley works, and relayed demands made by Man Haron Monis.

"He wanted an ISIL flag - pretty simple requests - he wanted to speak to the Prime Minister for five minutes. And he wanted the say it was an ISIL terrorist plot and he wanted that broadcast on the radio."


Abbott: We face a 'very real threat' from extremists

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has warned that people face a "very real threat" from extremists.

In a press conference after the 16-hour siege at a café in Sydney, Mr Abbot said there were people with the "will and capability" to carry out terrorist attacks in the country.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has warned that people face a Credit: APTN

He said he shares people's "outrage" that gunman Man Horan Monis was allowed out on bail despite being implicated in a string of serious offences, and vowed that an investigation would be launched.

But he told reporters that he believed even if Monis had been under 24-hour surveillance, the seige may still have happened.

Abbott condemns 'death cult' after Sydney siege

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has condemned the "appalling and ugly" incident which left two hostages dead after a 16-hour hostage situation in Sydney.

In his first speech since arriving in the city, he said he refused to use the term "Islamic State", referring to it only as a "death cult" with "nothing to do" with any religion.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has condemned the "appalling and ugly" incident Credit: APTN

He also thanked New South Wales Police for their work in ensuring as many of the captives as possible escaped alive as he said it had been "one of the most difficult 36 hours in our history".

Earlier, he visited the scene of the attack where hundreds of people have laid flowers and left messages of condolence.

Reporter's tears as she realised she knew siege victim

A Channel 7 presenter broke down in tears live on air as she realised she knew one of the victims of the café siege in Sydney.

Natalie Barr, who presents the channel's Sunrise programme, found out that mother-of-three Katrina Dawson - the sister of one of her friends - was among those killed in the 16-hour attack.

Reports claim Ms Dawson, aged 38, was trying to protect her pregnant friend from gunfire when she was shot and killed.

Miss Barr was co-hosting from the scene with fellow presenter David Koch when she realised who the victim was, and had to hand over to her colleague while she composed herself.

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