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Police working with Turkey officials over family's safety

A family who were missing from their home in Slough are believed to have been located in Turkey, Thames Valley police said in a statement.

"Asif Malik and Sara Kiran and their children were reported missing to Thames Valley Police on April 16," it said.

"Thames Valley Police understand that they have been detained by the Turkish authorities today but is awaiting confirmation. We are working with the Turkish authorities to safeguard the family."


Hunt for Muslim family 'still missing persons inquiry'

Police have said that their search for the family of six who suddenly left their Slough home earlier this month is still a missing persons inquiry, but that they are "deeply concerned" that they seem to be travelling towards Syria.

Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said: "I think its legitimate for us to hope for the best, but fear for the worst."

He added the force would be "happy to be proved wrong", and urged the family to make contact and put any concerns to rest.

Asif Malik, his partner Sara Kiran, and their four children are thought to have travelled through Budapest on 12 April.

Relatives appeal to Muslim family 'en route to Syria'

Distraught relatives of the Muslim family who are believed to have left England for Syria have begged them to come home.

In a statement released through Thames Valley Police, the family spoke of their "complete devastation", and said the six "left the UK without any notice".

We are totally distraught, upset and in shock. The greatest sadness is the decision by Asif and Sara to travel with their young family, such beautiful children.

Please can you ring us or send us a message to let us know that you and the children are well. All we wish for is your safe return and especially the return of the children. We are not angry with you, we are just heartbroken.

– Asif Malik's family

Asif Malik, his partner Sara Kiran, and his four children aged between seven and one, vanished from their Slough home earlier this month, and were seen travelling through Europe by train.

Slough father 'wanted to live in a Muslim country'

CCTV pictures of Malik with two of his children in Dover on 7 April. Credit: Thames Valley Police

A father believed to have travelled to Syria with his partner and children had told relatives he wanted to "live in a Muslim country", police have revealed.

Asked whether Asif Malik, 31, had wanted to live in a caliphate state, Thames Valley Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell responded: "I didn't say that - I said a Muslim country."

Campbell insisted that the search is currently a missing persons inquiry, adding that while the force was concerned the family appeared to be heading for Syria, "I'm not suggesting they're intending to join [Islamic State]".

An anonymous friend of Malik told ITV News he "seemed harmless to me" and said he was "shocked" by the claims that the family may have gone to Syria.


Family of six 'on way Syria' pictured at Calais

The Malik family - Asif and Sara, along with their children Zoha, Malik, Zakariva and Yahya. Credit: Thames Valley Police

Police have released new pictures of the family of six from Slough who are believed are on their way to Syria.

It is believed Asif Malik and Sara Kiran, along with their four children aged between one and seven travelled from Dover to Calais before travelling south through Europe by train.

The family were last seen in England on April Credit: Thames Valley Police.

Police are stressing it is still a missing persons inquiry, but are deeply concerned the direction of travel appears to be towards Syria where brutal jihadi group Islamic State (Isil) are fighting to establish a Muslim caliphate.

Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said: "I think its legitimate for us to hope for the best, but fear for the worst."

No charges after nine Brits stopped at Syria border

The family was stopped near the Syrian border earlier this month.

Six people from Rochdale have been released without charge after a group of Brits were stopped near the Syrian border weeks ago, Greater Manchester Police said.

The six people, aged between 21 and 47, were arrested under the Terrorism Act, with five returned to the UK from Turkey and one arrested in Rochdale.

The arrests came after nine people were stopped by Turkish authorities near the Syrian border.

Following the release, police said: "No evidence was uncovered to suggest any imminent threat to the communities of Rochdale or the U.K."

Three charged after 'trying to smuggle themselves to Syria'

Three men have been charged with terror offences after allegedly attempting to smuggle themselves out of the UK and travel to Syria or Iraq "in order to engage in terrorism", the Crown Prosecution Service has said.

Following an investigation by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, I have today authorised police to charge Gabriel Clement Rasmus, Anas Abdow Abdalla and Mahamuud Diini, all from Birmingham, with the preparation of acts of terrorism, contrary to s5(1)(a) of the Terrorism Act 2006.

All three men were arrested on 3 April 2015 when they were found in the back of an articulated lorry at the Port of Dover. The allegation is that they were attempting to smuggle themselves out of the United Kingdom and travel to Syria or Iraq in order to engage in terrorism.

– Mari Reid, Crown Prosecution Service
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