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Palmyra's Temple of Bel 'destroyed by Islamic State'

Monitors say part of the ancient Temple of Bel. Credit: Reuters

Part of the ancient Temple of Bel in Syria's Palmyra city has been destroyed by Islamic State jihadists, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has said.

Explosives were placed inside the temple, considered Palmyra's most significant, partially destroying the building.

The reports come a week after IS blew up the smaller Baal Shamin temple in the UNESCO-listed ruins.

IS, which controls swathes of Syria and neighbouring Iraq, captured Palmyra on May 21, sparking international concern about the fate of the heritage site described by UNESCO as of "outstanding universal value".

Earlier this month, IS beheaded the retired long-time chief of antiquities in Palmyra, Khaled al-Assaad.


Syrian refugees cross Hungary razor-wire border

These individuals are just a handful of the thousands who make the crossing everyday. Credit: Reuters

A group of people, thought to be refugees from the civil war in Syria, scramble under a newly erected border fence on the Hungary frontier.

Credit: Reuters

The refugees are part of a growing number of individuals and families making the dangerous trek through Greece and the Balkans from their war-torn home countries to reach the European Union.

Thousands pass through the Balkans each day, all hoping to reach the EU. Credit: Reuters

Hungary is close to completing a vast razor-wire border fence, aimed at forcing the thousands of migrants and refugees to seek an alternative route into the EU.

Police near the border with Serbia reportedly used tear gas to disperse a large number of migrants earlier.


Israel hits Syrian Golan Heights following rocket attack

Israeli soldiers patrol next to a smoke from a fire caused by a rocket attack in northern Israel, launched from Syrian territory. Credit: Reuters

Syrian state TV has confirmed Israeli air strikes on the Golan Heights but said only slight damage was done.

According to Reuters, the state TV report quoted a military source as saying that "several missiles" had targeted a transportation centre and a public building in the Quneitra area of the Syrian Golan Heights.

A monitoring group had earlier reported casualties. Israel's army said the strikes were a response to cross-border rocket fire from Syria earlier this week.

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