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London brothers first of 'landmark' terror camp jailings

Two brothers from London have become the first Britons to be sent to jail for going to a terrorist training camp in Syria.

Counter-terrorism police hailed the four-and-a-half year jailing of Mohommod Nawaz and three-year jailing of Hamza Nawaz as the "first in a series of landmark sentences".

As ITV News UK Editor Rohit Kachroo reports, at least six others are awaiting sentence.

Brothers' jailing 'demonstrates' British jihadis face justice

The jailing of British brothers Mohommod and Hamza Nawaz for conspiring to attend a terror training camp in Syria "clearly demonstrates" that jihadis face "justice" when they return to the UK, Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire has said.

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill introduced today will include tough new powers to disrupt travel to Syria or Iraq and control the return of suspected terrorists. And we are already legislating to make it a criminal offence to prepare and train for terrorism abroad.

We are in the middle of a generational struggle against a deadly terrorist ideology. The considered, targeted set of proposals in the Bill are essential to keep up with the very serious and rapidly changing threats we face.

– Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire


Brothers recorded Syria terror camp trip on their iPhone

British extremist brothers Mohommod and Hamza Nawaz recorded their trip to a terrorist training camp in Syria on an iPhone - documentary evidence that would be used as evidence against them.

The 19 photographs and videos uncovered by police helped anti-terror investigators to piece together their journey to the extremist base.

There were several pictures of Mohommod posing in camouflage kit with an AK-47 rifle and a video clip showing road signs for Aleppo, East Al Bassett and Latakia.

An image of Mohommod Nawaz with a firearm was found among photographs on a mobile phone, along with an image of a Syrian road sign from a vehicle. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Prosecutors said another video of the defendants crossing a river in a small boat and into Syria from Turkey was of "real significance" as it recorded them confirming their intentions.

Someone waiting to cross asked them: "Who do you support?" and they replied: "Junud Al-Shaam" meaning Soldiers of Damaskus, an extremist group in Syria. Then asked if they were there for jihad, they say "Jihad. Yeah".

Brothers caught at Calais upon Syria terror camp return

Jailed brothers Mohommod and Hamza Nawaz admitted attending a Syria terrorist training camp in August 2013.

The pair were caught by police at the French port of Calais as they tried to return home a few weeks later on a ferry to Dover.

Photographs of the Syrian training camp were found in the brothers' possession. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Older sibling Mohommod, who was on licence at the time, brought home AK-47 ammunition as a "trophy".

The men were found with five rounds of assault rifle ammunition and mobile phones containing images and video from the training camp. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Sentencing the brothers at the Old Bailey, judge Christopher Moss QC told them:

You were in training both of you while you were there to support the rebel fighting in Syria. In fairness to you both there is no evidence of you actually engaged in such fighting.

– Christopher Moss QC

Brothers jailed after admitting terror training conspiracy

Mohommod Nawaz, left, and Hamza Nawaz, right, are the first Britons to be sentenced for terrorist offences after returning from Syria. Credit: Metropolitan Police

Two brothers have been jailed after admitting to conspiring to attend a terror training camp in Syria in 2013.

Mohommod Nawaz, 30, was jailed for four-and-a-half years and his younger brother Hamza Nawaz, 24, was given three years at the Old Bailey.

The brothers, from Stratford, east London, are the first Britons to be jailed for terrorist training in Syria.


More than 60 people killed by air strikes in Syria

At least 63 people – half of them civilians – were killed in air strikes by Syrian war planes targeting the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa.

At least 63 people, half of them civilians, were killed Credit: Reuters

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said 10 war planes struck at least once each in the eastern part of the city.

It is not yet known whether the 36 people not identified were fighters or more civilians.

It's thought 10 war planes struck the city at least 10 times Credit: Reuters

Islamic State has seized large expanses of land in Iraq and Syria since August.

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