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Syrian militants 'shot down government plane'

Fighters with Ahrar al-Sham opposition said they had shot down the plane. Credit: AP

Syrian opposition forces say they shot down a plane which crashed just over the border with Turkey.

Turkish Hatay province governor Erdal Ata confirmed that an aircraft had come down, which was thought to belong to the Syrian military.

He had speculated the crash was caused by a technical problem, but rebels with Ahrar al-Sham opposition group later told Turkish media they had brought it down.

Rescue teams dispatched to the area reported the cockpit was found empty after the pilots apparently ejected. There were no reports of anyone else on board.


At least 30 dead in attacks on Syria security compounds

The attacks happened in Homs. Credit: ITV News

At least 30 people have been killed in two attacks in the Syrian city of Homs, officials in the country have said.

Two security compounds a mile apart were attacked by at least six assailants, two of whom detonated explosive vests, according to state TV.

Reports on the number of dead varied, with the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group saying at least 42 security officers were dead.


3D printers could help rebuild monuments destroyed by IS

Artefacts and monuments from the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra which have been destroyed by the so-called Islamic State militant group may be brought back to life using high-tech reconstructions.

The terrorists, also known as Daesh, have demolished a number of of the iconic monuments in the city which date back thousands of years.

But last year, when the Syrian army briefly retook control of the city, many of the shattered remains were whisked away to safety.

Experts in Italy have now meticulously reconstructed some of them thanks to high-tech laser scanners and 3D printers.

ITV News correspondent Geraint Vincent reports:

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