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Footage shows devastation after deadly Syrian air strikes

More than 100 people are now feared to have died in government air strikes on a rebel-held Syrian town.

Rescue workers said 95 bodies had been identified and a further nine victims were yet to be named.

Footage shot in the aftermath of the attack on Douma, near Damascus, showed clouds of smoke and dust rising into the sky and devastation in the streets of the town.


UN humanitarian chief 'horrified' by deadly Syria air strikes

The attack happened in Douma, near Damascus, killing at least 80 people. Credit: Google Maps

The UN's humanitarian chief has said he is "horrified" by the death of at least 80 people in Syria following government air strikes on a rebel-held town.

Stephen O'Brien said he was "particularly appalled" by reports of civilian deaths in the attack on Douma, near Damascus, which left around 200 people injured.

The attack was one of the bloodiest government raids in the four-year civil war.

"I am horrified by the total disrespect for civilian life in this conflict," Mr O'Brien said.

IS suspected of using banned chemical weapon in Iraq

A senior US official said they had "credible information" IS had used the blistering agent. Credit: Reuters

Islamic State militants are suspected of using mustard agent in an attack on Kurdish forces in Iraq, the first suggestion the terror group has obtained a banned chemical weapon.

A senior US official told The Wall Street Journal they had "credible information" that IS had used the blistering agent earlier this week.

It was thought the group could have obtained the weapon in Syria or Iraq.

Mustard agents cause large blisters to form on people's skin and damages eyes, lungs and other internal organs.


IS 'abduct 230 people' including women and children

Islamic State militants have kidnapped at least 230 people, including women and children, after seizing a town in the Syrian province of Homs.

Dozens of Christian families were among those abducted by the terror group, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Some were kidnapped from a church in the strategically located town of al-Qaryatain, which was captured after heavy fighting with the Syrian army.

Al-Qaryatain is near a road linking the ancient city of Palmyra to the Qalamoun mountains, along the border with Lebanon.

Air strikes continue against IS in Iraq and Syria

The United States and allies have targeted Islamic State with 22 air strikes in Iraq and nine in Syria. Credit: Google Maps

The United States and allies have targeted Islamic State militants with 22 air strikes in Iraq on Friday and nine in Syria, the Command Joint Task Force said.

Seven of the strikes were near the Iraqi city of Fallujah and hit bridges, a bomb-making facilities and other strategic targets.

Others hit targets near the cities of Al Huwayjah, Bayji, Habbaniyah, Makmur, Mosul, Ramadi, Sinjar and Tel Afar and hit tactical units, weapons and other assets.

In Syria, IS fighting positions, tactical units and equipment were targeted by air strikes near Al Hasakah, Ar Raqqah, Dayr Az and Kobani, a statement from The Command Joint Task Force said.

Turkey confirms fresh attacks on IS and PKK targets

Turkish fighter jets launched attacks on camps of the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in northern Iraq overnight, the prime minister's office has said in a statement.

Ground attacks were also simultaneously launched against the PKK and Islamic State in northern Syria, it said.

Turkey's state-run press agency released images of what they say are earlier strikes on IS targets across the border in Syria.

It is the first time Turkey has struck Kurds in northern Iraq since a peace deal was announced in 2013 between Ankara and the rebel group, the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK.

Tensions have flared with Kurds in recent days after an IS suicide bombing in the south-eastern Turkish city of Suruc on Monday killed 32 people.

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