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Three-year-old girl decapitated in 'random attack'

Violent crime is rare in Taiwan Credit: Reuters

A three-year-girl was decapitated in a seemingly random killing in Taiwan.

Local media reported that the toddler was attacked outside a subway station in the capital city Taipei on Monday.

According to reports, the girl's mother was unable to prevent the attack, which was carried out with a meat clever shortly before midday.

A 33-year-old man has been arrested by police.


Taiwan earthquake: Three arrested over building collapse

Soldiers stand guard in front of 17-storey apartment building collapsed after an earthquake. Credit: Reuters

Three building firm bosses have been arrested and accused of negligence following the deadly collapse of an apartment building in southern Taiwan.

They have been detained on suspicion of professional negligence resulting in death.

Eight-year-old girl's quake rescue captured on video

The rescue of an eight-year-old girl who had been trapped in the rubble of the Taiwan earthquake after two days has been captured on video.

The young girl's aunt was also saved from the debris of the collapsed residential complex in the south of the country.

Authorities say 40 people have been killed following the quake on Saturday, while 100 people remain missing.

Taiwan earthquake: Aunt of rescued eight-year-old also found alive

Rescuers in Taiwan have pulled a woman alive from the rubble of a building that collapsed as a result of the earthquake that hit the southern city of Tainan, according to Taiwan television stations.

The woman, identified as Chen Mei-jih, is reportedly the aunt of the eight-year-old girl who was rescued just hours earlier.

Taiwan rescuers pull eight-year-old alive from rubble

At least 38 people were killed in the earthquake Credit: Reuters

Rescuers in Taiwan have pulled an eight-year-old girl alive from the wreckage of a collapsed building in the southern city of Tainan, Taiwan television stations reported.

The girl, named in the reports as Lin Su-Chin, was conscious and has been taken to hospital.

Her rescue comes more than 60 hours after an earthquake struck Taiwan, leaving at least 38 people dead, according to the latest death toll.


Man pulled from earthquake rubble in southern Taiwan

Rescue personnel search the rubble of a 17-storey apartment building that collapsed after an earthquake in southern Taiwan. Credit: Reuters

Another person has been pulled from rubble in southern Taiwan, over two days after a devastating earthquake hit the region.

Television reports in Taiwan report that the survivor is a man called Li Tsung-tian.

The official death toll from the 6.4 magnitude quake is at least 34, the Reuters news agency reports.

Woman found alive 48 hours after building collapse

Rescue workers stand in front of a 17-storey apartment building which collapsed after the earthquake in Tainan. Credit: Reuters

Rescue workers have pulled a woman out alive from the rubble of a building which collapsed in a powerful earthquake in Tainan, southern Taiwan, more than 48 hours before.

The death toll from the quake, which struck early on Saturday at the start of the Lunar New Year holiday, rose to at least 34 earlier on Monday.

Over 100 people are still missing, according to the Reuters news agency.

Six-month-old baby found under rubble in Taiwan

A rescue worker carries the baby girl after she is found under rubble. Credit: Reuters

Rescue teams have found a baby under the rubble of an apartment building which collapsed following an earthquake in southern Taiwan as efforts continue to find more than 100 people still missing.

The six-month-old girl was rescued after 30 hours under debris and was rushed to hospital.

At least 23 people are known to have died in the 6.4 magnitude quake which struck on Saturday morning, including 16 found at the Wei-guan Golden Dragon Building in the southern city of Tainan.

At least 23 dead as search for Taiwan quake survivors continues

More people have been pulled alive from a collapsed apartment block in Taiwan, as rescuers continue the search for 120 people still thought to be trapped in the rubble.

At least 23 people are known to have died after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, struck at around 4am on Saturday morning.

The search continues for the 120 people still thought to be buried beneath the rubble. Credit: Reuters
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