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4,000 jobs at risk as production at steel plant 'paused'

Four thousand jobs are at risk from a major blow to Britain's manufacturing industry, with the news that production at a huge steel plant on Teeside is being mothballed.

Economics Editor Richard Edgar reports on the uncertain future faced by the factory in Redcar - and the part played in that by the slowdown in the Chinese economy:


Steel plant reopening 'an historic event'

The steel plant in Redcar, North Yorkshire will return to production. The site was mothballed in February 2010.

Redcar steel plant Credit: ITV News

Around 1,700 workers are now employed on the site and the figure will increase to 1,800, similar to the numbers on site before it was taken over by Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI)

Phil Dryden, chief executive of SSI UK, called the announcement "an historic event". Follow the full coverage on ITV Tyne Tees.

Steel production returns to Teesside

Steel will be produced in Teesside once more after Sahaviriya Steel Industries' (SSI) decision to restart its blast furnace in north-east England.

The furnace in Redcar, North Yorkshire will restart at the weekend with the first iron suitable for conversion into steel produced within two or three days. The site was closed in February 2010.