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Reports: Six dead after Tenerife building collapse

Rescue workers pulled two more bodies from the rubble overnight. Credit: Reuters/Santiago Ferrero

At least six people are now believed to have died when a building collapsed in Tenerife, according to reports.

On Friday, a second woman was pulled dead from the rubble at a resort popular with British tourists.

The dead are said to include two Spaniards, two Italians, one Moroccan and one Finnish national.

It is not yet clear how many people were caught up in the explosion. Credit: Reuters/Santiago Ferrero

More than 100 rescue workers with sniffer dogs are still combing the remains of the building for possible victims.


Inquest into death of grandmother beheaded in Tenerife

An inquest into the death of a British grandmother beheaded in Tenerife is due to resume today.

Jennifer Mills-Westley, 60, a retired road safety worker originally from Norwich, was shopping in Los Cristianos in May 2011 when she was attacked and killed by Deyan Deyanov.

Jennifer Mills-Westley was murdered by Deyan Deyanov in 2011 Credit: PA

Bulgarian national Deyanov was sentenced to 20 years in a secure psychiatric unit in Seville after a Spanish jury ruled he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

An arrest warrant had been issued for him just three days before the killing, in connection with a separate violent assault.

The inquest will be held at Norfolk Coroner's Court, in Norwich later today.

Hospital criticised over treatment of man who went on to kill

The psychiatric unit of a hospital in Wales has been strongly criticised for its treatment of a man who brutally beheaded a British woman on Tenerife.

The family of Jennifer Mills-Westley say she would be alive today if the hospital in Bodel-Wythan had recognised her killer was seriously ill.

Instead, Deyan Deyanov, 30, was "inappropriately" diagnosed as feigning mental illness and was released from a psychiatric unit seven months before the brutal random assault.

ITV News correspondent Ben Chapman reports:

Hospital failed to recognise killer's mental health problems

Jennifer Mills-Westley was murdered by Deyan Deyanov in 2011. Credit: PA Wire

The family of a woman who was beheaded in a Tenerife supermarket have said their mother would still be alive if a Welsh hospital had recognised her killer had serious mental health problems.

A report found there were "shortcomings" in the care of Bulgarian Deyan Deyanov, who killed Jennifer Mills-Westley, by the Ablett psychiatric unit in north Wales.

Mrs Mills-Westley's daughters said: "We are shocked to learn that the clearly prejudicial views of the medical staff severely compromised the diagnosis and therefore subsequent treatment of Deyan Deyanov.

"Had Betsi Cadwaladr recognised that Deyan Deyanov was a young man with very serious mental health problems then our mother would still be alive today."


Health board apologises to family of beheaded woman

A health board has apologised to the family of a woman who was beheaded by a paranoid schizophrenic after he was misdiagnosed by mental health services in north Wales.

A report by the Health Inspectorate Wales found there were shortcomings in the Ablett psychiatric unit's care of Deyan Deyanov, who murdered Jennifer Mills-Westley in 2011.

Professor Matthew Makin, medical director at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board which runs the unit, said: "This is a deeply distressing tragedy for the family of the victim and I hope that they will be assured that things have changed as a result of what has happened."

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Man in gorilla costume shot with tranquiliser dart

A zoo worker who dressed up in a gorilla costume to make a practice drill more realistic was shot with a tranquiliser dart by a colleague who mistook him for the real thing.

The man was wearing a gorilla suit like this one when he was shot with a tranquiliser gun. Credit: internets_dairy/Creative Commons

The costumed employee was mimicking an escaped gorilla at Loro Parque in Tenerife yesterday when a vet, who wasn't aware of the drill, shot him in the leg with a tranquiliser dose designed to subdue a 400-pound gorilla, La Opinion de Tenerife newspaper reported.

The man had an allergic reaction to the dose and was taken to University Hospital of the Canary Islands, where he is in a serious condition.

In 2009 an employee at the same zoo was killed by an orca whale during a training session.

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Colleagues of Lincoln doctor who died while on holiday in Tenerife pay tribute

Tributes are being paid to a Lincoln GP who has died on the holiday island of Tenerife. Doctor Barathi Ravikumar who worked at the Bracebridge Heath health centre lost her life along with another person after trying to rescue two children who had been swept away by a wave.

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