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Review of police gun laws needs to be 'calm and collected'

As David Cameron orders a review into legal protection for armed police officers, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said it needs to be looked at in "a calm and collected manner".

There have been concerns about legal protection for police officers who use guns. Credit: PA

"It is vital communities have complete confidence in their police. That means nobody should be above the law, including armed officers.

"The police do one of the hardest jobs there is and they must feel protected. But this needs to be reviewed in a calm and collected manner and not in a knee-jerk response to terror attacks", he added.

Armed police officers 'should not be treated as criminals'

Former Met Police commissioner Lord Blair has said that armed police "should not be treated as criminals" if they shoot someone "because they have to".

He told the Sky News Murnaghan programme: "These are men and women who go to work to do an incredibly dangerous job for which they volunteer and if they do their duty and shoot somebody because they have to ... they should not be treated as criminals."

Former Metropolitan Police commissioner Lord Blair

His comments came as it emerged David Cameron has ordered a review of legal protection for police who use guns.

It also follows an officer's arrest and interview under caution after a man was shot dead during a police operation in Wood Green.

I don't know the details of the case but in the latest shooting case in north London they have arrested the officer. That is not necessary.

He can be called in to the police station with his solicitor and interviewed under caution. They are not going to search his home for anything.

It seems to me that this is sending a very bad message to the rest of the police officers.

– Lord Blair


Record 315 terror arrests in year to September driven by rise in women and children detained

An armed police officer on patrol Credit: Steve Parsons / PA Archive/PA Images

Home Office figures show a record 315 terror suspects were arrested in the year to September. This is up a third on last year.

This was driven in part by a major increase in the number of women and children detained. The number of women arrested doubled from last year to 50, and the number of under-18s went up from eight to 15.

There was also a 31% increase in arrests for international-related terrorism.

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