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Government freezes British jihadists' assets

The Government has frozen the assets of three British citizens reported to have been involved in terrorism-related activities in Syria.

Reyaad Khan, left, and Nasser Muthana, centre, have had their assets frozen. Credit: Isis

Nasser Muthana and Reyaad Khan, both from Cardiff, and Ruhul Amin, from Aberdeen, has been added to the Treasury's list of people targeted for financial sanctions, its website states.

Muthana and Amin appeared in a promotional video for the Islamist militant group Isis.

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Counter-terrorism chief: '500 Brits currently in Syria'

An estimated 500 British people are currently fighting in Syria, but the number could be far higher, the UK's counter-terrorism chief for the Association of Chief Police Officers told ITV News.

Sir Peter Fahy said many British families reported that young men in their family have gone abroad, but are not sure where.

"We know that a number of people have gone to areas like Turkey, a number of families have reported that the young men in the family have gone abroad, they're not sure where," he said.

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Teenager bailed in Syria terrorism case

A 19-year-old man arrested at Heathrow airport on suspicion of "Syria related" terrorism offences has been released on bail, the Metropolitan Police have said.

Officers have since completed the search of an address in the Camden area of north London.

In a statement, the police said the arrest is "not in response to any immediate risk or threat".

A second man also arrested at the airport on Saturday on suspicion of assisting terrorism in Syria is still being held in custody.

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Prosecutor: Choudhury wanted to 'become a martyr'

A prosecutor has said that a man convicted of terror offences in Syria traveled to the country to "attend a training camp," adding that Mashudur Choudhury intended to "become a martyr". Prosecutor Alison Morgan read out a number of messages exchanged by Ifthekar Jaman and the defendant via Skype.

The evidence clearly shows that this defendant planned for and then traveled to Syria with the intention of attending a training camp.

The training was to include the use of firearms and the purpose of fighting was to pursue a political, religious or ideological cause.

At times in his discussions with others the defendant described his intention to become a martyr.

– Prosecutor Alison Morgan

Jaman's participation in the fighting in Syria was widely reported in the British media. It is believed he later died there.The defendant wrote a message to suggest that the group he was travelling with should be called the "Britani brigade Bangladeshi bad boys".

The court also heard details of text messages sent between Choudhury and his wife.

In one message, she wrote: "Go die in battlefield. Go die, I really mean it just go. I'll be relieved. At last. At last."Choudhury will be sentenced on June 13.

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