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Belgium machete attack 'act of terror'

Belgian police officers stand guard outside the Charleroi police station. Credit: Reuters

The machete attack on two Belgian police officers is being treated as an act of terror, the country's prime minister has confirmed.

Prime Minister Charles Michel said the attacker's shouts of "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) as he slashed at the two women outside Charleroi police station were a notable factor in the authorities' decision.

The attacker, who was shot and killed by police, has been identified as K.B.,an Algerian who had lived in Belgium since 2012.

The 33-year-old was already known to police as a petty criminal.


Brazil terror suspects 'plotted attack during Rio games'

Soldiers stand guard outside the Olympic village in Rio Credit: Reuters

Brazil arrested ten people suspected of plotting a terror attack inspired by the so-called Islamic State during the Olympic Games, the justice minister said.

Alexandre de Moraes said that police acted to smash the ring after they began discussing using weapons to launch an attack during the Rio games.

A further two people were still being hunted, he added.

No specific target for an attack was said to have been identified by the group, all of whom reportedly pledged support to IS via social media.

Those involved participated in an online group denominated 'the defenders of Sharia' and were planning to acquire weapons to commit crimes in Brazil and even overseas.

– Alexandre de Moraes

He described the group as "absolutely amateur" with no real preparation for an attack and no known contact with the IS terror group despite their pledges of allegiance.

It comes after a previously unknown Brazilian group calling itself "Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil" announced its backing for IS via the messaging app Telegraph on Sunday.

Security services have stepped up security in preparation for the Olympics, which are set to start in just over two weeks on August 5.

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