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Tesco Bank customer 'stuck' after account frozen

A Tesco Bank customer whose account has been frozen has been left "completely stuck", unable to withdraw money from his account, following a hacking attack on the bank.

Dave Turner said he had attempted to contact the bank to find out why he cannot use his account, but they "seemed confused".

Tesco Bank has said customers will not be able to complete transactions online throughout Monday in an emergency security measure, yet Mr Turner is unable to use his card at cash machines and does not dare to use it in chip and pin devices and be left unable to pay for something.

More than 24 hours after contacting the bank, the father from Portsmouth said he had still not heard back which was "unacceptable" and "pretty poor really", and had only received a generic text message at 4am on Monday morning.

Mr Turner has said he will look into opening an account with another bank after being left relying on money lent to him from family and friends, adding "it's happened this time, so yeh, it could happen again".


Tesco 'pleased' Unilever dispute resolved

Credit: PA

Tesco has said it is "pleased" that its dispute with Unilever has been resolved.

The comments from the supermarket giant come after Unilever confirmed the "supply situation" with Tesco involving the price of Marmite and other products had been "successfully resolved" and that the items are "once again fully available".

In a statement a spokesperson for Tesco said: "We always put our customers first and we're pleased this situation has been resolved to our satisfaction."

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