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Hospital apologises to Ebola victim's fiance for not saving his life

The Texas hospital that treated Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan, who died last week of Ebola, has apologised to his fiance for being unable to save his life.

Thomas Eric Duncan contracted the disease in Liberia.

Duncan's fiance, Louise Troh, 54, said in a statement she received a call from a top official at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, who said the hospital was "deeply sorry" for the way Duncan's case was handled.

I am grateful to God that this leader reached out and took responsibility for the hospital's actions. Hearing this information will help me as I mourn Eric's death.

– Louise Troh

Troh, her 13-year-old son, and two relatives of Duncan have been in mandatory quarantine at an undisclosed location within the city limits for nearly three weeks. Their isolation is scheduled to end on Sunday if they are given the all clear.


US faces up to Ebola mistakes in Texas hospital

An official from the Texas hospital where two nurses contracted Ebola has admitted mistakes were made in their treatment.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports from Dallas:

  1. Robert Moore

Texas Ebola response has been a lesson to the world

It has now been confirmed that the remaining patient here, Nina Pharm, also known as 'Nurse 1' will be transferred from this hospital to a specialist unit in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC.

An ambulance transporting Amber Joy Vinson, a US nurse who has Ebola. Credit: Reuters

I think here everybody recognises this is has been a public health and a public relations disaster, but less talked about and probably more significant is how valuable a lesson this has been.

Really teaching everybody around the world that however sophisticated your medical infrastructure is, when it comes to the Ebola virus nothing really beats good preparation and excellent education.

Texas official: 'Mistakes were made' in Ebola response

A senior official of the Texas hospital system has said "we made mistakes" in diagnosing a Liberian man who had Ebola and later died.

Dr. Daniel Varga, chief clinical officer and senior vice president of Texas Health Resources, added that mistakes were made in giving inaccurate information to the public, adding that he was "deeply sorry."

He also admitted there was no actual Ebola training for staff before the first patient arrived.

Dallas hospital sets up room for staff concerned about Ebola

A hospital in Dallas where two health workers have contracted Ebola has set up a room for employees who are worried about spreading the virus to friends and family.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital emphasised that the room was not intended for any of the staff who are being official monitored after treating Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan. These staff are being treated in a separate part of the hospital.

Texas Health Dallas is offering a room to any of our impacted employees who would like to stay here to avoid even the remote possibility of any potential exposure to family, friends and the broader public.

We are doing this for our employees’ peace of mind and comfort.

This is not a medical recommendation.

– Texas Health Dallas


US Ebola patient flew to Texas from Liberia

A man who flew from Liberia to Texas has become the first patient infected with the deadly Ebola virus to be diagnosed in the United States, health officials said.

The patient is being treated in an isolation room at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Credit: Reuters

The patient sought treatment six days after arriving in Texas on September 20th, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters.

He was admitted two days later to an isolation room at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

On Tuesday, Frieden and other health authorities said they were taking every step possible to ensure the virus did not spread widely.

Kidnapped twins fight off car thief with toy snake

Seven-year-old twin boys fought off a car thief after he tried to drive away with them and their baby sister in San Antonio, Texas.

Luis and Lucius Lozada were inside the family car parked outside their home when their mother went inside briefly to get a baby bottle.

A man jumped into the car and started driving it away, but one of the twins kicked the car thief from behind, while the other hit him with a toy snake.

The man released the three children about a mile from their home. So far no one has been arrested.

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