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Texas high school attacker 'was grade-A student'

Police respond to the fatal shooting at Alpine High School Credit: APTN

A female student who apparently shot a classmate before taking her own life at a Texas high school was a grade-A pupil, the town's sheriff said.

Ronnie Dodson also said the girl, who has not yet been named, had only moved to the town of Alpine six months before the attack.

He told NBC KWES station that the girl's grandparents described her as a diligent student and said there were no indications of any problems.

The girl who was attacked is understood to have received non-fatal injuries while a police officer was also wounded by a stray shot from a colleague while responding to the incident.

US high school attacker had semi-automatic gun

A police helicopter flies over the school after the shooting Credit: APTN

The female student who took her own life after opening fire on a fellow student at a US high school was armed with a semi-automatic weapon and multiple bullets, the town's sheriff has said.

Ronnie Dodson said initial investigations by authorities at Alpine High School suggest that a total of fire shots were fired.

He also told NBC KWES that the girl was found lying next to a semi-automatic pistol and "plenty" of ammunition.

The student reportedly opened fire on another girl, causing non-fatal injuries, before taking her own life.

The school was placed into lockdown for several hours following the incident.

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