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Danny Alexander - Separate fridges 'the key to any good relationship'

Credit: Alastair Grant/PA Wire

Separate fridges are the key to a good relationship, according to Danny Alexander. Especially when it comes to sharing a fridge with George Osborne it would seem.

On tonight's The Agenda, Mr Alexander comments on a recent story that the Chancellor locks the joint treasury fridge and reveals that there are in fact two fridges in the office.

Mr Alexander said: "Like any good relationship, the key to it is separate fridges so we each have our own fridge. I think there has always been one there. Damien McBride says the fridge was originally locked in Gordon Brown's time to stop him stealing Gordon Brown's mineral water."

He joked that rumours that the fridge was the warmest place in the treasury in Mr Brown's time in office were 'greatly exaggerated.'

Also joining Tom Bradby on tonight's The Agenda at 10.35pm are: JP Morgan chief market strategist and former BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders, actor Charles Dance and Mail on Sunday columnist Amanda Platell.

'No reason there shouldn't be Scots in the treasury,' says Danny Alexander

Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Danny Alexander MP says there's no reason there shouldn't be a Scottish Chief Secretary to the Treasury, despite calls for English and Scottish MPs to only vote for their own countries.

Speaking on tonight's The Agenda, Mr Alexander said: "I think Scots can be and should be treasury ministers. There have been Scots in the treasury for some time. That's been a jolly good thing for the United Kingdom as well as for Scotland."

He told Tom Bradby that Wednesday's Autumn Statement will not be a 'giveaway.' Mr Alexander added that details emerging this week about infrastructure and investment were originally announced last year and the Government is setting out how the money will be spent, not providing additional funds.

Watch The Agenda tonight at 10.35pm on ITV.


Shapps: Politicians should not use Twitter 'to judge the public'

Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps has said politicians should not be using Twitter to judge the public but that the public should be judging politicians, after Emily Thornberry's tweet led to her resigning from the front bench.

Tonight's panel on The Agenda with Tom Bradby. Credit: Twitter/ @agendaitv

Speaking as one of the guests on The Agenda with Tom Bradby Mr Shapps said it was still important for MPs to be on Twitter: "Politicians can either hide away or they can be out there. It's not just tweeting - it's about replying to people who tweet to you."

Other guests on the programme on ITV at 10.35pm tonight are feminist writer Germaine Greer, poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Telegraph Women's Editor, Emma Barnett.

Miliband denies getting 'depressed' over leadership criticism

Ed Miliband. Credit: PA Wire

Labour leader Ed Miliband has told The Agenda he did not get depressed over the criticism he received about his leadership.

Speaking as one of the guests on The Agenda with Tom Bradby, to be broadcast on ITV tonight, Miliband is asked whether his "leadership woes" ever led to moments where he was "depressed".

Mr Miliband replies: "Definitely not. It's huge privilege doing this job. That's part of the test, to be resilient."

Watch The Agenda with Tom Bradby on ITV tonight at 10:35pm.

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