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May: Controlling immigration is hard but no silver bullet

Controlling immigration is hard and there is no silver bullet, the home secretary has said.

Theresa May admitted immigration is too high but refuted a points-based system saying Australia has nearly double the levels of immigration than the UK.

Brexit campaigners called for an Australian-style points-based immigration system to be introduced if Britain leaves the EU.


Home secretary: UK stands ready to support Belgium

Home secretary Theresa May

The UK stands ready to support Belgium in the wake of the terror attacks, the home secretary said.

Theresa May told the Commons: "The UK stands ready to provide any support to Belgium that is needed... Belgium is a friend and an ally and we work closely together on security matters."

May said precautionary measures have been put in place in the UK.

  • Border force have intensified checks, increased the number of officers at ports and used enhanced searching of vehicles.
  • Further measures include security checks on some flights and specialist search dogs at certain ports.
  • Additional police officers have been deployed on the transport network in London.

May said new powers have been used to temporarily seize 20 passports of those suspected of travelling to engage in terrorism.

Defeating terrorism requires a global response and we will not succeed by acting in isolation. The UK has intelligence services that are the envy of the world and some of the most enduring security relationships. We must act with greater urgency and resolve than we have before.

– May
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