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Corbyn: 'This election is about the future of all of us'

Jeremy Corbyn has set out his priorities for Labour in a campaign speech after MPs voted in favour to hold a General Election.

Speaking in Croydon, the Labour leader said the "election is about the future of all of us".

He said he wants a "responsible" Brexit, a Labour government "that builds social housing" and that "makes sure £10 an hour is the living wage".

He also put a focus on funding for the NHS and schools and said he wants to ensure carers are properly supported.


Ken Clarke will stand for election again

Kenneth Clarke will stand again in the 2017 General Election. Credit: PA

The longest-serving British MP and Conservative Remain supporter Ken Clarke is to stand again for his Rushcliffe constituency at the June 8 General Election, his office has said.

Mr Clarke holds the honourary role of 'Father of the House of Commons', bestowed on the senior MP with the longest period of unbroken service. He has been an MP since the 1970 general election.

MPs overwhelming vote for June 8 General Election

MPs have overwhelmingly endorsed Prime Minister Theresa May's call for an early General Election on Thursday June 8.

The 509 majority vote on Mrs May's motion for an early poll was announced in the House of Commons after a swift vote of MPs.

Votes in favour of PM's motion for early election.
Votes against PM's motion for early election.

The vote followed a Commons debate on the prime minister's vote in which her justifications for going to the nation was criticised by the opposition.

Labour rejected her claim that the election was needed to strengthen the government going into Brexit negotiations while the Lib Dems accused Mrs May of seeking a "coronation".


Farron refuses to rule out another Con-Lib coalition

Tim Farron faced questions over his willingness to form another coalition.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has refused to rule out forming another coalition with the Conservatives if the next election result proves indecisive.

Mr Farron faced repeated heckles from the SNP benches in front of him after MPs demanded he confirm whether or not his party would be open to propping up the Tories in power, as his predecessor Nick Clegg did in 2010.

Tim Farron was heckled repeatedly from the SNP benches in front of him.

He urged the Scottish members to "be patient" as they persisted with the demand for him to say "yes or no" as he addressed the Commons on the prime minister's motion for an early election.

The next speaker, Conservative MP Peter Bone, provoked laughter as he chipped in on the debate-within-a-debate, telling Mr Farron: "I can tell you from these benches that there is no chance that we would want you sir in our coalition."

Mr Farron had earlier given his consent to Theresa May's call for a snap vote but warned the prime minister of complacency, saying: "She expects a coronation and not a contest."

Corbyn ridicules 'Lib Dem prisoner' May in election debate

Jeremy Corbyn made the claim as he responded to the PM's motion for a June 8 vote.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ridiculed Theresa May's claim that she is calling for an early election because of disunity over Brexit in Westminster.

Mr Corbyn said the prime minister was "painting herself as the prisoner of the Lib Dems" as she heads into negotiations but played down the threat, saying: "There are nine of them and they managed to vote three different ways on Article 50."

Mr Corbyn said the EU referendum had given the government "a mandate" and the successful Article 50 vote in Parliament meant "there is no obstacle to the government negotiating Brexit".

He claimed Mrs May was instead pursuing an early vote to get a personal mandate in her ambitions to "turn (the UK) into a low-wage tax haven".

Mr Corbyn said again that he welcomed the opportunity of a General Election, saying it "gives the British people the chance to change direction".

'MPs under investigation should be banned from standing'

Dennis Skinner has called on Theresa May to bar Conservative candidates involved in the election expenses investigation from standing at the General Election.

The veteran Labour MP, who first joined Parliament in 1970, asked: "Will the Prime Minister give a guarantee that no Tory MP - who is under investigation by the police and the legal authorities over election expenses in the last General Election - be a candidate in this election?"

Mr Skinner, 85, added: "If [Theresa May] won't accept that, this is the most squalid election campaign that has happened in my lifetime."

In reply, the Prime Minister said: "I stand by all the Conservative MPs who are in this House and who will be out there, standing again, campaigning for a Conservative government that will give a brighter and better future for this country."

PM quizzed by MPs as she delivers early election motion

Theresa May said the early vote will strengthen Britain's hand in Brexit talks.

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing questions in the House of Commons as she delivers a motion to seek an early General Election.

Mrs May outlined her reasons for her snap election U-turn in the Commons debate, as she said she was confident it would support her plan to win a successful deal in EU talks.

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"Now is the time for a General Election as it would strengthen our hand in EU negotiations," the prime minister said.

Mrs May said it was "right and responsible" for MPs to vote in favour of the national poll on June 8.

She rejected calls from the Scottish National Party for a second independence referendum, saying a repeat poll during Brexit talks would "weaken negotiations".

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