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PM's meeting with Trump went 'as well as it could have'

Theresa May's team believe her meeting with Donald Trump went "as well as it possibly could have done", ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston told News At Ten.

He said there were signs of the "beginning of a good relationship" but "the hard work starts now".

Meanwhile, ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore said that the president had delivered a "measured and disciplined" performance and that the day had been a "victory of sorts" for those hoping Mr Trump will become more of a "conventional" figure than he was on the campaign trail.

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How will May and Trump operate on world stage?

Following their first meeting, Theresa May and Donald Trump have indicated that they will look to co-operate closely on a range of topics.

With Brexit negotiations and diplomatic issues in Europe and the Middle East at hand, ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand looks at how the two leaders might look to position themselves on the world stage.

Who got Bakewell tarts? Trump and May gifts revealed

Donald Trump and Theresa May had some gifts for each other Credit: PA

Theresa May has a new picture of Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump a traditional Scottish cup - after the pair gave gifts to each other.

The Prime Minister received a framed image of the former American President from the 1865 edition of Harper's Weekly magazine, courtesy of Mr Trump.

Accompanying the gift was a line from Lincoln's inauguration address, touching on "malice toward none, with charity for all."

Meanwhile, Mrs May presented the President with a traditional Scottish cup, known as a "quaich," reflecting Mr Trump's Scottish ancestry.

First Lady Melania Trump gave a pair of silver cuff-links to Mrs May's husband Philip, while he gifted her with a hamper filled with apple juice, jam, marmalade, Bakewell tarts, cranberries and white chocolate "sorties."


Theresa May: Donald Trump fully committed to Nato

US President Donald Trump has made a 100% commitment to Nato, according to Theresa May.

ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston said: "He didn't actually confirm that, but I assume those words were agreed.

"It means an organisation vital to our security and defence is going to be supported by the new president".

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