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Hotel to discuss memorial with Bobby and Christi's family

The owners of a Corfu hotel are to discuss what should happen to the land after the bungalow where Bobby and Christi Shepherd died is demolished.

The children's parents have called for a playground to be put in its place in memory of the six and seven year old.

A statement from the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel said: "It is the intention of the company to privately discuss with the family the most appropriate use of this area in memory of Christi and Bobby.”

Corfu deaths: Bungalow to be demolished at end of season

The owners of the hotel in Corfu where two children from carbon monoxide poisoning have confirmed the bungalow where they died will be demolished at the end of the holiday season.

It comes after the family of Bobby and Christi Shepherd called for the bungalow to be demolished.

ITV News Rebecca Barry reports:

Corfu bungalow where two children died to be demolished

Christi and Bobby Shepherd were aged seven and six when they died. Credit: Family handout

The bungalow where Bobby and Christi Shepherd died from carbon monoxide poisoning in Corfu is to be demolished.

A statement from lawyers for the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel said: "Now that all proceedings including the inquest are over we have decided to demolish the bungalow.

"I can confirm that the bungalow will be demolished after the hotel operations have ended for the season."

The bungalow the Shepherds stayed in nine years ago. Credit: ITV News

Earlier this week, Bobby and Christi's parents asked for the bungalow 112 to be knocked down and a children's playground put in its place as a "lasting tribute".

The hotel also confirmed an electrician convicted over the deaths but uncovered by ITV News still working at the hotel had now been sacked.

An ITV News investigation also found a manager sentenced to seven years for the deaths had been working at another hotel used by tour operators Thomas Cook, who the Shepherd's booked their holiday through.

George Chrysikopoulos has since been sacked at the request of Thomas Cook boss Peter Fankhauser.

Corfu deaths: Family's 'shock' at ITV News revelations

The family of two children killed by carbon monoxide poisoning on holiday in 2006 have expressed their shock that the two men found responsible for the deaths were still working in the holiday industry until earlier this week.

In a statement, the family said:

We are shocked that the manager and an electrician who were convicted for our children’s deaths were still as of this week working in the hotel industry in Greece.

We ask that Thomas Cook, the Louis Group and other Tour Operators acknowledge that this latest blow for the family is simply unacceptable and cannot be repeated. British holiday makers need to be reassured by the Travel and Tourism Industry that they will be kept safe on holiday.

– Family of Christi and Bobby Shepherd

They also reiterated calls for the bungalow where the children died to demolished and replaced with a playground dedicated to their memory.


Families to pass on investigation evidence to coroner

The solicitor of the families of Bobby and Christi Shepherd has said they will pass on details of an ITV News investigation to the coroner to help with the "prevention of future deaths".

Solicitor Gemma Vine said: "We will take all of the evidence we get in particular the evidence from ITV News into account when we are looking at assisting the coroner with the prevention of future deaths.

"Anything to do with health and safety is going to be extremely important for us to consider as part of those suggestions."

  1. Chris Choi

Hotel 'did not know' of manager's convictions for child deaths

I think the latest developments will have ramifications across the industry.

What we're learning this lunchtime is that the third party hotel owners that were supplying Thomas Cook with the holiday accommodation will later today issue a statement, in which they admit that they did not know of the background of that hotel manager.

A detailed inspection has now been carried out at the hotel Credit: ITV News

They did not know, they say, that he had been convicted in connection with those deaths in Corfu.

Now, that is going to be something which will lead to an awful lot of soul-searching and debate, there'll be questions about what checks hotel groups should be making of their staff, should there be more robust systems in place, before people are put into positions like that.

There is, I have to say, no safety question about the hotel where he was working up until yesterday, it's our information this lunchtime that Thomas Cook has sent in safety experts, the've done a 350-point safety audit, and they have found no cause for concern.

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