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Galloway shrugs off egg protest

MP George Galloway (centre) waves to fans in an open top bus tour in Bradford Credit: PA

Newly elected West Bradford MP George Galloway shrugged off Thomas Johnson's egg protest, saying the eggs had not hit him.

"He wasn't very good," he said. "Protesting? Against me? The man who got chosen by 56% of the people yesterday?"

Protestor says he "wanted to insult" George Galloway

George Galloway supporters confront protestor Thomas Johnson after he threw eggs at the Bradford MP Credit: PA

The protestor who "egged" George Galloway said he "wanted to insult" the newly elected Bradford MP.

Thomas Johnson said: "Why would any city want a politician who got kicked out of two constituencies? Who hasn't got the common sense not to act like a submissive cat on TV? I wanted to insult him."