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Thusha's parents thank emergency services and police

Statement from Thusha's parents, released by the Metropolitan Police:

We would like to express our gratitude to the emergency services for their prompt actions after Thusha was shot.

In particular, we must thank the paramedics and doctors who operated twice to save Thusha's life, to the Metropolitan Police Service for their support throughout the investigation and subsequent trial, and to all the staff and particularly the physiotherapists at University College London and Stoke Mandeville hospitals.

We are very happy justice has been done.


Police say 'justice has been done' in Thusha case

Ronke Phillips from London Tonight is outside the court, where police are speaking:

Detective Superintendent Gordon Allison spoke outside Old Bailey saying justice has been served. Det Supt llison says that 700 hours of cctv was analysed to get the conviction. Darren Streeter from the CPS now speaking outside court says he hopes the verdict will provide some comfort for Thusha'a family

Gunman 'couldn't have cared less' about innocent victims

Prosecutor Edward Brown QC told jurors in the case of three men accused of a drive-by shooting at a shop in Stockwell, south London, in March 2011:

The reality of this shooting may be that, whilst there was an intention to kill the suspected rival gang member. The gunman and his accomplices couldn't have cared less if someone else was shot too.

Jurors shown dramatic CCTV footage of attack

The jury in the case of three men found guilty of grievous bodily harm heard how a bullet hit her in the chest and passed through the seventh vertebra of five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran's spine, leaving her wheelchair-bound for life.

Roshan Selvakumar, who was shopping at the time of the attack, was shot in the face and has been left with bullet fragments permanently lodged in his head.

Jurors were shown dramatic CCTV footage from inside the store, where Mr Selvakumar can be seen with blood pouring from his head and Thusha lies slumped on the floor.


Trio found guilty of GBH on girl of five

Thusha Kamaleswaran Credit: Met Police

Nathaniel Grant, 21, Kazeem Kolawole, 19, and Anthony McCalla, 20, were today found guilty at the Old Bailey of causing grievous bodily harm to Thusha Kamaleswaran, then five, in a shooting in London that left her paralysed.

Thusha was the victim of an indiscriminate drive-by shooting at her uncle's shop in Stockwell, south London in March 2011. She was left paralysed, and another 35-year-old man, Roshan Selvakumar, was also injured.

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