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Intelligence chiefs 'warned war would stoke terrorism'

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, has said that he hopes the Chilcot Report will make it clear that intelligence chiefs warned that going to war in Iraq would stoke terrorism.

The MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, added he hoped that the report would "provide closure for the families" of those who lost loved ones in the war.


Charles Kennedy death: Lib Dems 'have lost a giant'

Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leadership candidate, has said he is "utterly heartbroken" about the death of Charles Kennedy.

Mr Farron said the party had "lost a giant".


Tim Farron joins race for Lib Dem leadership

Tim Farron has declared he has entered the Liberal Democrat leadership race.

Tim Farron confirms leadership bid. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The former party president told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:

I have spent the last six days listening to hundreds and hundreds of members who have been urging me to do it.

My message to them is if they are up for the fightback I will step forward and put myself forward to be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

– Tim Farron

Mr Farron joins former health minister Norman Lamb as the contenders to replace Nick Clegg following the party's disastrous general election results.

Tim Farron: Election 'is not the last word' on Lib Dems

Tim Farron, one of the Liberal Democrats' last remaining MPs, has insisted that his party is not dead despite their dreadful showing in Thursday's General Election.

He told ITV News that if his party did not exist, "you would have to invent it".

He said: "We are absolutely going to fight back and rebuild from the grass roots, because the space is there that needs to be filled."

Britain needs the Lib Dems says party's President

President of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron says Britain needs his party because the Conservatives are the "nasty party...trying to balance the books on the backs of the poor" and Labour are "an incompetent rabble that got us into this mess in the first place".

Speaking on the Sky News Murnaghan programme Mr Farron said Britain needs the Lib Dems to "balance the economy with compassion for people".

Tim Farron says Britain needs the Liberal Democrats. Credit: Sky News / Murnaghan

Mr Farron also insisted the mood at the party's conference is "forward-looking" despite a YouGov poll in the Sunday Times showing the party could lose MPs in the next General Election.

He said: "We shouldn't be fixated on polls. The polls show, if nothing else, that there is everything to play for."

Mr Farron added that the coalition government had worked together but "agreed to differ" on certain issues and as the election approaches some of the differences will become more obvious.

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