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Marathon marriage proposal caught on camera

A couple who got engaged on the finish line of the London marathon were caught on camera.

Blogger Ashley Fryer, who took the photos, put out an appeal on social media to track the couple down to give them the pictures of the proposal.

Adam Ruddick, from Whitton, can be seen bending down on one knee to propose to Rachel Newell on the finish line at 2.25pm.

She appears shocked but then grabs his face and kisses him as she accepts his proposal.

Within hours the groom-to-be spotted the post on social media and replied to Ashley.

Rachel added: "This is me and my now fiancé! They're beautiful. So lucky you were there to capture the moment so perfectly. Thank you so much."

Prince Harry praised for helping former Olympian who tripped in marathon medal ceremony

The prince has b Credit: Reuters

Prince Harry rushed to the aid of former Olympian Sylvia Disley when she tripped during a medal presentation for the London Marathon.

The 86-year-old who took home a bronze medal in the 1952 Olympics as part of the 4X100 relay team is also the widow of the event's co-founder John Disley, who died in February this year.

She attended the marathon to start the elite wheelchair and women's elite races.

The Prince, who is also patron of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, rushed to her aid after she took a tumble on the podiums and held her hand as she stepped off the platform.

Disley seemed cheerful and unscathed by the incident.

Prince Harry rushes to Sylvia Disley's aid after she took a tumble on the podium. Credit: Reuters
Disley seemed cheerful and unscathed by the incident. Credit: Reuters


Tim Peake's 'shadow runner' finishes London Marathon

The 'shadow runner' who completed the physical London Marathon course on behalf of astronaut Tim Peake has crossed the finish line.

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Tyrone Brennand posted to Instagram to say he had finished the race in just over four hours - slightly behind his International Space Station-based partner, who finished in an estimated 3:35:21.

Describing it as an "amazing experience", Brennand added that he felt "absolutely dead".

Tim Peake finishes London Marathon from space

British astronaut Tim Peake has completed the London Marathon from space, with an estimated time of 3:35:21.

Mr Peake was tied down to the treadmill using bungee straps, and had a 'shadow runner' doing the actual course on the ground.

He ran the marathon to raise cash for the Prince's Trust.

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