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TOWIE's Gemma reveals unfortunate Splash! bruising

Gemma Collins revealed bruising obtained during mishaps in training for the diving show. Credit: ITV / Splash

The Only Way Is Essex star Gemma Collins revealed the extent of her unfortunate bruising from her training before embarking on her first televised dive in Tom Daley's ITV show Splash!

Collins also said she had to overcome a fear of water as well as vertigo before taking part in rehearsals for the show.

The TOWIE favourite is competing with TV presenter Michaela Strachan, Hollyoaks star Gemma Merna, Diversity dancer Perri Kiely and former Eastenders actor Ricky Groves.


Strachan fears swimsuit more than painful Splash!

The wildlife presenter is among the famous names being coached by Olympic medallist Tom Daley to plummet from several metres up. Credit: Joel Ryan/PA Wire

TV presenter Michaela Strachan claims the pain of a disastrous plunge on TV diving contest Splash! is not as terrifying as being seen in a skimpy swimsuit.

The Autumnwatch host, who will be seen taking part in the first heat of the ITV celebrity show tomorrow, has already been hurt and said it was like being spanked with plywood.

But the 47-year-old said: "The scariest thing was having to do a photocall in a swimsuit. I don't do glamour. I'm an outdoor person who is more comfortable in khaki and a woolly hat."

She is among the celebrities hoping to emulate Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, who won the first series of the contest a year ago.

Tom Daley enlists mother's help to avoid travel chaos

Among those affected by the travel disruption because of the storms is Olympic diver Tom Daley.

The 19-year-old revealed that his mother had to pick him up from London after his train to Bristol had been cancelled, during a conversation with Little Britain star Matt Lucas on Twitter.

Daley: 'Terrifying decision' to reveal gay relationship

Diver Tom Daley said it was a "terrifying decision" to post a video on YouTube in which he revealed he was in a gay relationship.

The Olympic medallist told The Jonathan Ross Show: "To be honest it was a terrifying decision to make. I didn't know what the reaction was going to be like. I didn't know how it was going to go but I just felt like I needed to say something."

Watch the full interview with Tom Daley on The Jonathan Ross Show at 10.45pm tonight on ITV.


MP condemns Daley gay relationship Twitter abuse

The abuse suffered by Olympic diver Tom Daley after he revealed he was in a relationship with a man is evidence of how bad cyberbullying can get, an MP said.

Tory Stuart Andrew (Pudsey) read out Twitter comments to the 19-year-old's account after he came out in a YouTube video as an example of the online bullying children and teenagers can face.

Olympic diver Tom Daley has revealed in an online video that he is in a relationship with a man. Credit: PA Wire

Speaking during a debate on cyber-bullying, Mr Andrew told the Commons: "There was one, I'm not even going to repeat some of the language as it is pretty horrific. One person is saying he is no longer a fan of Tom Daley because of the choice, as they call it, he has made.

"And one saying 'I'm now so ashamed of my country."

Mr Andrew added: "The point that I am trying to make is that if we don't stand up as individuals, if we don't go forward, then how can we expect people who are being victimised in their schools and work-places to do so. We do need to change the attitude so that we can then change the culture."

"We do need to change the attitude so that we can then change the culture.

Thomas: Daley message was powerful and inspirational

Former Welsh rugby union player Gareth Thomas, who announced he was gay four years ago, says he believes Tom Daley will look back on yesterday's announcement and realise it was probably the "most powerful and most inspirational" thing he will have done in his life.

He added the Olympic diver's announcement will help many others across the world.

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