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Tony Blair's daughter Kathryn held up at gunpoint

Tony Blair's daughter was held up at gunpoint by two men during an attempted robbery on Monday evening.

Kathryn Blair, 25, was not hurt in the incident as she walked down a central London street with her boyfriend and a group of friends.

Kathryn Blair pictured with her mother Cherie was held at gunpoint.
Kathryn Blair pictured with her mother Cherie was stopped at gunpoint. Credit: David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment

Scotland Yard confirmed an incident involving two male suspects with a gun took place in Ivor Place, Marylebone, at 8.30pm on Monday night.

The Blair family were seen at the wedding of Euan Blair last weekend.

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Tony Blair 'disagrees' with vote against Syria action

Tony Blair said he disagreed with the vote against military action in Syria. Ed Miliband's Labour party voted against the motion. Credit: PA

Tony Blair has said he disagrees with Parliament's decision not to use military force against the Assad regime in Syria.

"Of course I would have preferred us to have taken action," he said in an interview on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "I would have preferred us to be there with America."

"Not to act, I think, is dangerous because you're sending a signal that such a use of chemical weapons can take place without the international community having a robust and proper response," he explained.

"I disagree with the vote, of course."

He said the consequences of inaction would be "long and bloody and difficult and expensive and worse."


Blair: Britain 'hesitant' on Syria military intervention

Tony Blair took Britain to war in Iraq in 2003. Credit: PA

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said Britain's response to the Syria crisis was "hesitant" because of difficulties faced following the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

"It is an issue to do with the difficulty we encounter after [a military intervention], and that is a really really important lesson," he said in a BBC interview.

"The truth is, the reason why Iraq makes us hesitant is because Iraq showed that when you intervene in the circumstances, where you have this radical Islamist issue, both on the Shia side and the Sunni side, you are going to face a very difficult, tough conflict."

'Hugely irresponsible' if world does not act on Syria

Former Number 10 Director of Communications Alastair Campbell told ITV's Daybreak it would be "hugely irresponsible and incredibly dangerous" if the world does not act on the Syria conflict.

When pressed whether that meant action in Syria, Mr Campbell said he thought it would be "very, very hard for the world to stand aside giving what we know has happened even before the use of chemical weapons".

Mr Campbell, who was Tony Blair's spin doctor between 1997 and 2003, said both the former Prime Minister's article in The Times (£) and David Cameron's statement on Syria were "measured".

Mr Campbell, who was Number 10's Director of Communications when the Iraq war started in 2003, added that the United Nations "isn't a judgement body, it's a political body".

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Tony Blair 'to be criticised' by Iraq inquiry report

Tony Blair leaves after giving evidence to the Iraq inquiry in 2011 Credit: PA

Former prime minister Tony Blair is expected to be warned this month he will be criticised by the long-awaited inquiry into the Iraq war.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Sir John Chilcot, the chairman of the inquiry, has written to David Cameron this week to inform him that “individuals” had been identified who would be criticised in his report.

The people identified, thought to include Mr Blair will reportedly be told this month and will be given a chance to respond before the report's publication next year.

Mr Blair has repeatedly denied he misled Parliament and the British people over the case for the Iraq war in 2003.

Tony Blair supports Miliband on Labour-union reforms

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is supporting Labour leader Ed Miliband's proposed union reforms.
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is supporting Labour leader Ed Miliband's proposed union reforms. Credit: Dan Kitwood/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Labour leader Ed Miliband has won backing from his predecessor, Tony Blair, for radical reforms he is proposing to the party's relations with the unions.

The former prime minister hailed Mr Miliband for "real leadership" as he risked a clash with the unions by setting out plans to end the system where individual union members are automatically affiliated to the party.

In the wake of the Falkirk ballot-rigging scandal, the Labour leader will use a keynote speech today to set out what aides are describing as the "biggest party reforms in a generation".

The changes are intended to strengthen the party's links with its individual members while diluting the influence of the trade union barons.


Douglas Hurd slams Tony Blair's Egypt stance

Conservative former foreign secretary Douglas Hurd today criticised Tony Blair's defence of Egypt's military coup, describing the former prime minister as someone who "rushes to judgment."

"Tony Blair leaps in before he's thought things through. We know that already and he's done it again on this," Hurd told BBC1's Andrew Marr Show.

"We won't know for weeks, maybe even months, whether the military...have made a good gamble for Egypt or bad."

Leaders in Britain and elsewhere had to "grit your teeth" and work with whoever is in power, he added.

We should not go out of our way to clap our hands and say 'that's marvellous' as Tony Blair has done. We should keep our counsel, keep our wits about us, and wait for the last act of the drama which may be some years away.

– Douglas Hurd

Blair: Arguments on Syria intervention 'same as Iraq'

Former prime minister Tony Blair said the arguments about whether to intervene in Syria are "exactly" the same as those that took place before the Iraq war.

Speaking ahead of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, Mr Blair told The Times (£), "People are no longer going to accept that a minority ruled the country without the say of the majority. It’s exactly the arguments we went through over Iraq".

The Middle East envoy said he believes Britain should help the US to arm Syrian rebels.

Former prime minister Tony Blair.
Former prime minister Tony Blair. Credit: Dennis Van Tine/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

Mr Blair said: "On Syria, I feel very strongly we are in danger of a failure with catastrophic consequences if we’re not careful.

"This is no longer a civil war between factions within Syria. We should be taking a more interventionist line. That’s where I come from in politics. People can agree or disagree with it.

"There are those within the Syrian Opposition who want a pluralistic society and democracy coming out of all of this - and they are the one group of people who are not being armed”.

Blairs 'receive' puppies that 'gave comfort to Thatcher'

Tony and Cherie Blair have been given two of the dachshund puppies that gave comfort to Margaret Thatcher in her final hours, reports the Telegraph.

Tony Blair and wife Cherie attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Credit: PA

The Blairs are said to be acquiring the puppies that were among the new litter belonging to Baroness Thatcher’s former private secretary Lord Charles Powell.

Lord Powell showed Baroness Thatcher a video of the puppies on his iPad when he visited her at the Ritz Hotel in her final hours, and which he said prompted “her last smile”.

The late Baroness Thatcher. Credit: PA

The puppies are owned by Lord Powell’s wife Carla, who helped deliver them two months ago, and the couple decided to give them away.

Lady Powell said Cherie agreed a month ago that she would take two of the litter and during Lady Thatcher's funeral they spoke again, according to reports.

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