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Cars overturned and buildings gutted by tornadoes

Americans across the Midwest are waking up to the aftermath of a series of tornadoes which overturned cars and destroyed homes in at least six different states.

Tornado damage in car park in Lebanon, Indiana Credit: APTN

Illinois took the brunt of the fury, but parts of Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky were also damaged.

An overturned car in Lebanon, Indiana Credit: APTN

Family runs to basement as tornado approaches home

One resident, believed to live in Washington County in Illinois, filmed as a giant tornado approached his house. At one point he has to stop filming in order to run to the basement.

This video was uploaded to YouTube and ITV News cannot independently confirm its veracity.


Winds and trees destroy homes in Illinois storms

Images from East Peoria, Illinois, showed the damage caused to houses with winds and fallen trees ripping through roofs and walls.

At least six people were killed in midwestern United States after the storms hit. Credit: APTN
Fallen trees and winds ripped the walls from this building. Credit: APTN
Entire walls and windows were destroyed on this house. Credit: APTN
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