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Foreign Office releases video warning young people to stay safe abroad

There have been 13 incidents of young people falling from balconies so far this year, it has been revealed.

In this video, released the Foreign Office, Jake tells the story of how he survived a balcony fall in Magaluf.

The video accompanies a short radio feature which will go out today across radio stations in the UK and on buses which transfer holiday-makers to resorts.

Increase in Brits dying in balcony deaths

We've already seen some tragic cases this summer which have had devastating consequences for the individuals and families concerned.

This year there's been a particular spike early on in the holiday season with figures already matching last years.

Some people have fallen whilst climbing to a friends apartment, others have simply lost their footing after a few too many drinks and a few have deliberately jumped off aiming for the pool below.

It should go without saying these practices are extremely dangerous and can cost them their life or leave them permanently disabled.

– Paul Abrey, Consul in the Balearics


The sad fallout from holiday balcony deaths

  • There have been 13 incidents of young people falling from balconies so far this year.
  • Three of these cases resulted in death while others have been seriously injured.
  • In Majorca and Ibiza, for instance, two of UKs top tourist destinations, there have been 9 cases - already matching figures for 2011, despite only being half way through the season.
  • Most incidents involve young people between the ages of 18 and 35 and whilst not always the case, alcohol often plays a part.

British tourists warned over balcony deaths

Record numbers of young British people have fallen from balconies while on holiday abroad so far this year, it has been revealed.

Three Brits have died from balcony accidents, says the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Credit: Johnny Green/PA Wire

Three Britons have died during a total of 13 incidents to date in 2012. Nine of those have happened in Majorca and Ibiza, already matching figures for 2011.

The key strategies to the post-Olympic tourism revolution

  • An £8 million extension of the GREAT marketing campaign – crucially expanding the campaign within China, a key fast-growing economy.
  • A £2 million investment to boost domestic tourism marketing – building on this year’s ’20,12% discount’ TV ad campaign.
  • Maximising tourism on the back of the other big sporting events on the horizon – including the Champions League in 2013, Commonwealth Games in 2014 and World Athletic Championships in 2017.
  • Making the most of cultural tourism, including maximising tourism boost from the extraordinary success of Festival 2012.
  • These new initiatives will continue to maximise on the economic benefits of the Games across 17 key international cities.

Jeremy Hunt calls for post-Olympic tourism revolution

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt will today call for a post-Olympic tourism revolution.

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

In a speech to industry leaders he will set out a new strategy to deliver a tourism boost on the back of the Games.

He is determined to make sure that the UK makes the very most of being in the global spotlight in this Olympic year.

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