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Ken Livingstone to co-chair Labour's Trident review

Ken Livingstone at a rally in Camden, central London. Credit: PA

One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies has been put in joint charge of a review to help decide Labour's position on the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Former London mayor Ken Livingstone, a long-time opponent of nuclear arms, is to co-convene the party's policy commission on defence issues alongside shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle.

Scottish Labour back call for scrapping Trident

The call for the UK's Trident nuclear missile system to be scrapped has been backed by Scottish Labour members.

Scottish Labour back call for scrapping Trident . Credit: PA

Trident was debated by delegates in a motion opposing renewal at the party's conference in Perth, with trade unions, MSPs and other members split over the controversial issue.

The vote puts Scottish Labour at odds with the UK party, whose position continues to be to support the continuation of Trident, although UK leader Jeremy Corbyn is firmly against nuclear weapons.


Anti-nuclear activists join London austerity protest

Anti-nuclear activists are among those taking part in a major demonstration in central London today. Kate Hudson, general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said mass mobilisation was key to persuading the new Government not to renew the Trident nuclear weapons.

Lindsey German, convenor of the Stop The War Coalition, meanwhile said: "I will be marching because I am fed up with all the main parties saying they are going to promote austerity. They have made the rich richer and the poor poorer and they're going to continue."

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