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Poignant tsunami memorials for thousands dead

There were tsunami memorial events today in three of the countries worst hit by the Boxing Day 2004 disaster - Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Thailand - 5,395 confirmed deaths

A wave shaped memorial in Ban Nam Khem, a southern fishing village destroyed by the wave. Credit: Reuters

Indonesia - 131,028 confirmed deaths

Acehnese women attend a mass prayer at the mosque that was one of the few buildings left standing in Banda Aceh, the city flattened by the tsunami. Credit: Reuters

Sri Lanka - 31, 229 confirmed deaths

The Samudra Devi train, which was swept off its tracks by a towering wave killing more than 1,000 people, made a special commemorative journey today. Credit: Reuters

PM pays tribute to 'resilience' of tsunami victims

Cameron said the Government had provided almost £300m to the tsunami relief effort. Credit: PA

David Cameron has paid tribute to the victims of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami which claimed an estimated 230,000 lives - including 151 British nationals - in countries around the Indian Ocean.

In a statement to mark the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, the Prime Minister praised the "real resilience" of the communities which had since rebuilt their lives as well as the generosity of the international response.

He said the UK Government alone had provided almost £300 million to support the reconstruction of affected areas.

Today we think of all those for whom Boxing Day is no longer a happy festive celebration but the day they lost a loved one in the Indian Ocean tsunami.

At this poignant time, my prayers are with all those remembering people who were caught up in the disaster, including the 151 British nationals who lost their lives.

In the face of tragedy and adversity, hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated real resilience to rebuild their lives and millions more have shown extraordinary generosity to help those affected.

– David Cameron


Remembering tsunami victims 10 years on

Credit: PA

Events will be held around the world today to remember those who died in the devastating tsunami on Boxing Day 2004.

The tragedy was one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history and claimed the lives of at least 230,000 people, including 155 Brits.

It was triggered by an underwater earthquake which set off waves of up to 98ft across the Indian Ocean.

Indonesia was the worst-hit country followed by Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.


Solomon Islands tsunami warning cancelled

A tsunami warning triggered by a powerful earthquake near the Solomon Islands has been cancelled, according to U.S. government agencies.

The quake was centred 100 km (60 miles) south of Kira Kira on the island of Makira, and had a magnitude of 7.6.

There were no immediate reports of damage, and only very small tsunami wave activity - just a couple of centimetres - had been measured.

Tsunami warning as quake strikes near Solomon Islands

A tsunami warning has been issued for Solomon Islands region in the Pacific Ocean after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck near the islands.

Solomon Islands Credit: Google Maps

A tsunami warning was issued for the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and surrounding areas, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. A tsunami watch was in effect for Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, Guam and nearby areas.

Japan tsunami warnings lifted after large earthquake

Tsunami warnings have been lifted after a 7.3 magnitude quake struck 250 kilometres off the eastern coast of Japan.

Tremors were felt as far away as Tokyo, but fears for the Miyagi region, the area which was devastated by a massive magnitude 9 earthquake last year, were unfounded as a one metre wave failed to cause any major damage.

ITV News Correspondent Tim Ewart reports:

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