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Labour 'to axe' student tuition fees by 'at least £3k'

Labour is planning to slash university tuition fees by at least £3,000 a year, according to The Sunday Times (£).

Labour leader Ed Miliband is expected to pledge he will cut the £9,000 maximum fee, which sparked riots when it was being debated in 2010, to £6,000.

Labour pledges 'student tuition fees cuts' Credit: PA

He is also studying a more far-reaching overhaul of tuition fees being proposed by John Denham, the former universities secretary, that would see maximum fees fall to £4,000.

In addition, Miliband will leave the way open for the whole system of tuition fees to be scrapped later and replaced by a tax on graduates, which supporters see as a fair way of stopping students running up huge debts.


Motor fuels and tuition fees help curb inflation

by - Economics Editor

There's been a surprisingly sharp drop in inflation this morning.

Prices rose by 2.2 per cent in October, down from 2.7 per cent the month before and well below economists' expectations.

Petrol pump
A drop in petrol prices was one of the factors in the unexpectedly large inflation drop last month. Credit: PA

The main reasons were a sharp fall in transport costs, mainly motor fuels (for example a drop of 4.9p in petrol in October), and tuition fees.

The latter of these is a mathematical quirk: education costs rose 8 per cent but this was half the rate they were rising a year ago so the comparison contributes to a lower overall inflation figure.

Prices have been rising ahead of wages for years now. It's likely that that trend will be reversed some time next year but today's easing of inflation may bring the end of the squeeze on incomes a little closer.

'We shouldn't have made fees pledge governing alone'

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Lib Dem Jo Swinson MP. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Scottish Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson has responded to an apology made by the Deputy Prime Minister over pledges to scrap tuition fees. Ms Swinson said the party's mistake had been to make a pledge they could only keep if governing alone. She told Sky News:

"The problem with this particular pledge, and what made it different, was it committed us to vote in a particular way regardless of what happened with the election result. That's what we should not have done."

Sheffield Children's Trust thanks Clegg for 'sorry' single

Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust has responded to the Deputy Prime Minister's pledge to donate all proceedings from a spoof single to be released to their charity. Nick Clegg gave permission for a satirical site to release a remix of the apology as a single.


Lots of tweets and media calls today about the @nick_clegg youtube video. Thank you Nick for your continued support of @sheffchildrens

Lib Dem MP: Clegg's apology 'took courage'

Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland has welcomed an apology from his party leader over his pledge to reduce tuition fees. Mr Mulholland was one of 21 Liberal Democrat MPs who defied party whips to vote against the rise in tuition fees in the Commons. He said:

I welcome Nick's apology for what was a mistake. This took courage and I hope people give him credit for saying that publicly.

Let's be clear that what we now have is basically a capped graduate tax, which is fairer and more progressive than Labour's upfront fees.

The real tragedy was failing to implement this properly, with no fees, which would have meant no breaking of the NUS pledge.


Satirical site 'stunned' by Clegg 'sorry' song response

A satrical site responsible for creating an auto-tune remix of the Deputy Prime Minister's tuition fees apology has responded after Nick Clegg granted them permission to release it as a single with the profits going to charity:


Hey @simoncowell Can you give us a ring? We have a very talented political rapper on our books...brilliant debut single all ready to go...

Clegg grants satirical site permission to release auto-tune 'sorry' song

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has allowed the satirical site the Poke to release an auto-tune musical version of his apology over his pledge to oppose an increase in student tuition fees after it went viral.

All proceeds will got the Sheffield Children's Hospital:

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