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Sheffield Children's Trust thanks Clegg for 'sorry' single

Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust has responded to the Deputy Prime Minister's pledge to donate all proceedings from a spoof single to be released to their charity. Nick Clegg gave permission for a satirical site to release a remix of the apology as a single.

Lib Dem MP: Clegg's apology 'took courage'

Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland has welcomed an apology from his party leader over his pledge to reduce tuition fees. Mr Mulholland was one of 21 Liberal Democrat MPs who defied party whips to vote against the rise in tuition fees in the Commons. He said:

I welcome Nick's apology for what was a mistake. This took courage and I hope people give him credit for saying that publicly.

Let's be clear that what we now have is basically a capped graduate tax, which is fairer and more progressive than Labour's upfront fees.

The real tragedy was failing to implement this properly, with no fees, which would have meant no breaking of the NUS pledge.


Satirical site 'stunned' by Clegg 'sorry' song response

A satrical site responsible for creating an auto-tune remix of the Deputy Prime Minister's tuition fees apology has responded after Nick Clegg granted them permission to release it as a single with the profits going to charity:

Clegg grants satirical site permission to release auto-tune 'sorry' song

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has allowed the satirical site the Poke to release an auto-tune musical version of his apology over his pledge to oppose an increase in student tuition fees after it went viral.

All proceeds will got the Sheffield Children's Hospital:


Report: Lib Dems 'hopeful' Clegg sorry song will get permission to be released

Senior Lib Dem sources have told The Sun political correspondent Craig Woodhouse they are "hopeful" the request from the satirical site The Poke to release their auto-tune remix of the Deputy Prime Minister's tuition fees apology:

Satrical site wants to release Clegg apology song

A satrical site, which parodies current news and is responsible for creating an auto-tune remix of the Deputy Prime Minister's tuition fees apology, has asked to release the Lib Dems for permission to release the song as a single:

Facebook reaction to Clegg's tuition fees apology

At the ITV News Facebook page, we have been asking you whether the Deputy Prime Minister's apology over tuition fee pledges, is an apology you can accept. Here are some of your views:

An apology this late into government, means very little. The liberal Democrats just blew their chances of ever being a government into the water. No trust will go their way for at least 20 years.

– Natasha Thwaites

At least he has said sorry. Don't remember Labour saying sorry for virtually bankrupting the country.

– Mark O'Neill

Sorry is just a word. We want action....action to improve the economy not destroy it.

– Jane Caithness Turner

Education Minister: Fees pledge 'technically possible'

Education minister David Laws has said today that it would have "technically possible" to keep the tuition fees pledge but only if the Liberal Democrats had been governing on their own, after the Deputy Prime Minister issued an apology over the pledge.

Mr Laws told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that if the party had "ditched other key commitments" such as tax breaks for the low paid and support for disadvantaged pupils, then it would have been "possible".

He added that all Lib Dems bore a "collective responsibility" but denied it was a failure of leadership on Nick Clegg's part, pointing out that the party had to keep its pledges on a range of other "big and important issues".

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