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Nick Clegg in 2010: 'We want to see tuition fees removed'

In 2010 Nick Clegg said his Liberal Democrat party was committed to removing tuition fees. He said at the time:

"We want to see tuition fees removed, I wish we could do it overnight, it used to be our plan to do it overnight now, we are going to have to do it over a six year period, because of course money is tight... it is fair, it is right, I don't think young people should be saddles with so much debt"

Nick Clegg: 'When we are wrong, we hold our hands up'

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has apologised for breaking his party's election promises once in Government and has defended the decision to "leave the comfort of opposition" and forge a coalition government with the Conservative Party.

When we're wrong, we hold our hands up. But when we're right we hold our heads up too. We were right to leave the comfort of opposition to face the realities of Government and I know we are fighting for the right things.

Rebuilding our economy to make it strong, changing the tax system to make it fair, defending the vulnerable in these tough times. That's what my party believes in, that's what I believe in. And if we've lost your trust that's how I hope we can start to win it back"

Nick Clegg pledges to learn from 'mistakes'

The apology video will be played during the Liberal Democrat Party Conference, due to start on Saturday

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has pledged to learn from his "mistakes" and not make an election pledge he cannot keep. In a televised address due to be screened at the party conference starting this Saturday the deputy Prime Minister said:

"When you've made a mistake you should apologise but more importantly, you've got to learn from your mistakes and that's what we will do. I will never again make a pledge unless as a party we are absolutely clear about how we can keep it."


Clegg: 'We made a pledge, we didn't stick to it and for that I am sorry'

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has made a television address to apologise to voters.

The address will be played during the party conference due to start this Saturday.

During the address he said:

I shouldn't have committed to a policy that was so expensive when there was no money around, not least when the most likely way we'd end up in Government was in coalition with Labour or the Conservatives, who are both committed to putting fees up.

I know that we fought to get the best policy we could in those circumstances but I also realise that isn't the point.

There's no easy way to say this: we made a pledge, we didn't stick to it and for that I am sorry.

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