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Turkish forces clash with refugees on Syrian border

Turkish security forces have clashed with Kurdish refugees trying to cross the border from Syria, where they are fleeing an advance by Islamic State militants.

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister said an estimated 130,000 Kurds had crossed the border in the last three days.

The Turkish force fired water cannon and tear gas at the refugees, while on the Turkish side of the border some pro-Kurdish MPs staged a sit-down protest.

Syrian Kurds 'halt Isamic State advance'

Syrian Kurdish fighters have halted an advance by Islamic State (IS) fighters east of the town of Kobani, a spokesman for the Kurdish forces said.

Thousands of Syrian Kurds have been crossing the border into Turkey fleeing the advance of IS. Read: Turkey 'prepared for the worst' over refugee crisis


Turkey 'prepared for the worst' over refugee crisis

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister has said his government is "prepared for the worst" as hundreds of thousands of refugees stream into his country from Syria.

A Turkish soldier stands guard as Syrian refugees wait behind a border fence. Credit: Reuters

"We are prepared for the worst scenario, which is an influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees," Numan Kurtulmus told reporters in the capital Ankara.

Turkey closes border posts to stop refugee influx

The Turkish government has closed many of its border posts with Syria to stop huge numbers of Kurdish refugees entering the country.

There are also reports that Turkey wants to stop Kurds crossing into Syria to join the fight against Islamic State (IS) militants.

Syrian refugees waiting to cross the border into Turkey. Credit: PA

There were clashes between Turkish security forces and Kurdish protesters, with two people said to have been hospitalised.

Around 100,000 refugees have crossed into Turkey since the middle of last week as they flee the advance of IS.

100,000 Syrian refugees cross Turkish border to flee IS

Credit: PA Wire

The number of Syrians who have crossed the border into Turkey to escape Islamic State militants has reached 100,000, Turkiish authorities have said.

A majority of them are Syrian Kurds, and their arrival since last Thursday has pushed Syria's violent internal conflict dangerously close to the Turkish frontier.

Islamic State militants has in recent days advanced into Kurdish regions of Syria that border Turkey, where fleeing refugees reported atrocities that included stonings, beheadings and the torching of homes.


'Over 60,000' Syrian refugees flee into Turkey in 24 hours

Credit: Reuters

Over 60,000 refugees, mainly Syrian Kurds, have fled across the border into Turkey this weekend, Turkish authorities have said.

Some 66,000 fled violence in their homeland in less than 24 hours after Turkey opened its border to Syrians fleeing the town of Kobane in fear of an Islamic State assault.

In some places along the frontier Turkish police clashed with protesters and aid workers trying to help the refugees from Syria's bloody civil war.

45,000 Syrian Kurds 'enter Turkey after IS advance'

About 45,000 Syrian Kurds have crossed the border into Turkey after an advance by Islamic State militants, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister has said.

"Around 45,000 Syrian Kurds have crossed the border as of now from eight entrance points along a 30 km distance from Akcakale to Mursitpinar since we opened the border yesterday," Numan Kurtulmus told CNN Turk television.

Kurdish city in Syria facing Islamic State attack

Turkish soldiers stand guard as Syrian Kurds cross the border fence into Turkey near the southeastern town of Suruc province. Credit: Reuters

The president of Iraq's Kurdistan region urged the international community to "use every means" to protect the city of Kobani in neighbouring Syria from an impending attack by Islamic State militants.

IS fighters are besieging Kobani after taking control of at least 21 surrounding villages in a major assault against the predominantly Kurdish city on Syria's northern border with Turkey.

Several thousand Kurds began crossing from Syria into Turkey today, fearing the attack.

Masoud Barzan said: "IS terrorists... must be hit and destroyed wherever they are."

Earlier today French jets launched their first air strikes inside Iraq since joining the military action against IS militants.

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