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Your view: Are teachers right to go on strike?

Public sector workers are striking today over a row on pay, conditions, pensions and spending cuts.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter users on the industrial action.

Brazil's loss most talked about game ever on Twitter

Brazil's humiliating loss to Germany in last night's World Cup semi-final was the most talked about individual sports game ever on Twitter.


Twitter 'allows people to behave as one for a moment'

Twitter is the only technology which allows large groups of people to "behave as one for a moment," according to one of the co-founders of the micro-blogging site.

Biz Stone told Good Morning Britain about the first time he realised Twitter had become a phenomenon - a man tweeted a recommendation for another bar after he had become fed up with the noise in the pub he was sitting in.

"He sent out a tweet recommending another pub and he sent that to his followers. They thought it was a good idea and so they sent it and so forth. In the eight minutes it took him to walk to that pub it had completely filled to capacity and there was a line around the block!"


Twitter users told to log out of TweetDeck after bug

Twitter has urged users to log out of their TweetDeck service after it was hit by a bug which caused a random surge of retweets across a large number of accounts.

They tweeted the statements below.

Twitter introduces 'Hashflags' to celebrate World Cup

With the start of the World Cup just two days away, Twitter has unveiled a new feature- 'Hashflags'- to allow users to use world flags as a new form of hashtag in their tweets.

By posting a tweet with a hashtag in front of the relevant three-letter country code, like #BRA and #FRA, an icon of the country’s flag will appear after the text.

Twitter will tally up all of the Tweets with hashflags over the next few days and unveil The World Cup of Tweets winning country prior to the first match this Thursday.

Send a tweet cheering on your team with a hashflag here.

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