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DEC Philippines typhoon appeal reaches £39 million

Around four million people have been displaced from their homes Credit: Reuters

Donations to help the survivors of the Super Typhoon Haiyan has reached £39 million.

Over 11 million people have been affected by the disaster, with around four million people displaced from their homes.

DEC Chief Executive Saleh Saeed said the organisation had been left "completely overwhelmed" by the compassion of the British public.

Ninety-five tonnes of aid departs for Philippines

A plane loaded with more than 95 tonnes of aid has left the UK as part of Britain's response to Typhoon Haiyan.

The aircraft left East Midlands Airport for the Philippines late yesterday evening, International Development Secretary Justine Greening wrote on Twitter.

Ground staff load equipment onto a Boeing 747 at East Midlands Airport headed for Cebu in the Philippines, to help aid the relief effort Credit: PA Wire.

A British Airways jet is also expected to leave the UK this morning after offering aid agencies including Oxfam, Save the Children and Unicef the aircraft to fly emergency supplies to the disaster zone.

The latest aid delivery comes after HMS Daring arrived in the Philippines yesterday as it gets ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the worst-hit areas.


Isolated communities yet to receive aid after typhoon

The Philippines is facing up to the task of rebuilding after Typhoon Haiyan - which killed close to 4,000 people.

Many isolated communities are yet to receive significant aid, despite a huge international relief effort and there are fears disease could take a hold on those trying to survive.

ITV News Correspondent Angus Walker reports:

New video shows power of typhoon as it hit Philippines

The power of Typhoon Haiyan as it ripped through the Philippines last week was captured on film by an aid worker in Eastern Samar.

Plan Philippines Community Development worker Nickson Gensis was near badly-affected Tacloban when the storm approached last Friday and he and five others took refuge in the top floor of a boarding house.

His footage shows the storm completely wash away a house as winds of up to 170 mph battered the country.

While much of the boarding house he was in was flooded and destroyed, Mr Gensis was back on the job only a few hours after the winds subsided looking to deliver aid to survivors.

TV and pop stars join celebrity Philippines appeal

Members of pop band One Direction and stars from TV's Downton Abbey and Strictly Come Dancing will join the host of celebrities who have already leant their support to the Typhoon Haiyan charity appeal.

A Filipino man is seen amongst the ruins of typhoon-ravaged Tacloban city in the Philippines. Credit: AA/ABACA/Press Association Images

The boyband will launch a special celebrity telethon via Twitter while other stars will answer calls from people donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Celebrities lending a hand at the phone-in at 4pm-7pm tomorrow will include broadcaster Andrew Marr, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, comedian Stephen Merchant and actors Alan Rickman, Joanne Froggatt and Allen Leech.

An area of devastation on a small island, taken by HMS Daring's Lynx helicopter. Credit: LPHOT Keith Morgan/Royal Navy/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The emergency fund has so far raised £35 million for the humanitarian effort in the Philippines, while Friday's annual Children in Need fundraiser, which raised a record amount, is donating £31 million to the appeal.


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HMS Daring's aid mission to Philippines

Families ask for help in the Philippines Credit: Fleet Photographic Unit

Portsmouth warship HMS Daring has today loaded her stores at Cebu port with lifesaving humanitarian aid and is on her way to Philippine islands that have been without help since Typhoon Haiyan struck. The flight crew flew their Lynx helicopter on six recces of remote areas for signs of destruction.

From the images that came back, the command team have now identified several areas that are desperately in need of aid. Aerial imagery taken from the Lynx show flattened housing, scattered possessions, large vessels blown onto shorelines and the word ‘help’ spelt out in palm leaves on the beach.

The devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan Credit: Fleet Photographic Unit
HMS Daring's Lynx helicopter Credit: Fleet Photographic Unit

Greening hails British public's 'huge generosity'

As a flight loaded with more than 95 tonnes of UK aid prepares to leave East Midlands Airport for the Philippines later today, International Development Secretary Justine Greening hailed the "huge generosity" of the British people.

HMS Daring's arrival is a major boost to DFID's disaster experts and medical teams already deployed in the Philippines. This Royal Navy vessel will help us open a lifeline and allow us to help many more victims of the disaster.

More British help is on its way. This latest flight will be full of medical supplies, water tankers and forklifts to get aid moving and help clear bottlenecks at the airports.

The British people have shown huge generosity over the past days and DFID is working with charities to make sure all their donations get to those who need it most.

– International Development Secretary Justine Greening

HMS Daring, which landed in the typhoon-ravaged country this morning, will now be used to load, transport and distribute 500 shelter kits onto previously-identified islands along with 10 tonnes of high-energy biscuits.

HMS Daring to 'help get donations to those who need it'

HMS Daring will "help get donations to those who need it" in typhoon-hit areas of the Philippines, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has said.

She wrote on Twitter:

HMS Daring docks in typhoon-hit disaster zone

HMS Daring has arrived in the Philippines as part of the UK's emergency response to the disaster.

The Type 45 destroyer and her crew have docked at the island of Cebu ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the areas devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, the Department for International Aid and Development said.

HMS Daring docks at Cebu in the Philippines. Credit: Twitter/@JustineGreening

They have spent the last three days carrying out reconnaissance work in and around the Philippines, using a helicopter to survey the areas which have not yet been reached by international relief teams.

The Lynx helicopter will now be used to fly shelter kits, food and medical supplies to those remote areas.

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