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Nigel Farage fears a 'shouting match' at ITV Leaders' Debate

Nigel Farage has admitted he is nervous about Thursday's ITV Leaders' Debate, telling reporters at a pub in Dover he has concerns over how host Julie Etchingham will "control" the seven leaders.

Ukip Leader Nigel Farage unveiled his party's latest general election campaign poster in Dover, Kent, today Credit: ITV News

Had it been a panel of four, or maybe five, I would have looked forward to it much more, but I think with seven - how on earth she's going to control it I just don't know.

I fear it will generate into a bit of a shouting match as everyone's desperate to make their mark.

– Nigel Farage

He told ITV News UK Editor Rohit Kacharoo that he thought his position in the podium line-up is "Pretty good".

"Tucked inbetween Cleggers and Miliband, that's alright," he said. "It'd be nice to be next to David but I don't think he'd like it very much."

The Ukip leader said that he thought the Prime Minister would be "delighted" with his position at the far end of the seven leaders "far away...from maybe Ed," who he praised as standing up to Jeremy Paxman "remarkably well" in last week's Q&A show.

Farage: Only Ukip will tell the truth about immigration

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has claimed "broken" promises on controlling immigration are part of the reason why many people are sceptical about politics and insisted only his party are being honest about the contentious issue.

Speaking during a campaign trail event at Dover, Mr Farage reiterated his party's view that Britain cannot control immigration while it is part of the European Union.


Farage denies he's overcome by emotion on campaign trail

Nigel Farage denied he was overcome by emotion as he wiped his eyes while addressing supporters on the election campaign trail in Dover.

ITV News UK Editor Rohit Kachroo reports from the Ukip event:

Farage: Cameron 'wilfully dishonest' on immigration

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has accused David Cameron of being "wilfully dishonest" on the issue of immigration.

ITV News UK Editor Rohit Kachroo reports from the Ukip event in Dover.

Latest projections hint at minority government

The latest ITV News poll suggests the Conservatives have a four point lead over Labour going into the campaign.

ITV News election analyst Professor Colin Rallings projects they will be some way short of a majority on those figures with David Cameron, or Ed Miliband struggling to form a government.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship examines the options of how Parliament might look.


Farage: Ukip pledge is 'completely distinctive'

Nigel Farage has announced the party's "pledge to Britain", which includes saying no to the EU, controlling the country's borders, an extra £3 billion for the NHS, cuts in foreign aid spending and no tax on the minimum wage.

Ahead of the leaders' debate on Thursday the Ukip leader told ITV News UK Editor Rohit Kachroo that: "I hope that I am able to get across to the viewing public the fact that Ukip alone is completely distinctive on these key issues."

Nigel Farage: Ukip is more in tune with British public

Ukip has launched its formal campaign with "simple, pragmatic" policies that are "more in tune" with the public than the Westminster parties, Nigel Farage has told ITV News.

"We are the ones talking about our relationship with Europe, when we want a trade deal ... we're the party saying we want an Australian-style points system to manage properly immigration into Britain," he added.

The Ukip leader also explained to ITV News UK Editor Rohit Kacharoo why he thinks the election battle that officially began today "doesn't matter" - yet:

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