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Ian Duncan Smith: Voting Ukip is a suicide note

Credit: Reuters

Voting for the United Kingdom Independence Party is like "writing a suicide note" for eurosceptics' hopes of a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, Iain Duncan Smith has said.

The former Tory leader - a prominent euro-rebel during John Major's term as prime minister - issued a strong appeal to those considering supporting Nigel Farage's outfit to back the Tories instead.

Backing Ukip would allow Labour to take power and deny the people a vote on the UK's relationship with Brussels, he said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, as the parties ramped up campaigning with two days until polling stations open.

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Farage calls Cameron 'Desperate Dave' over Ukip claims

Nigel Farage has called the Prime Minister "Desperate Dave" over his suggestions that Ukip will not win any seats at the election.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage called the Prime Minister 'Desperate Dave'. Credit: BBC/The Andrew Marr Show

The Ukip leader told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that David Cameron has been "saying to these voters that have left him over the course of the last five years, 'Please come home'."

"They're not going back to a guy that's covered the country in windmills, that has slashed our armed forces, raised the level of the foreign aid budget ... those voters aren't going back," he added.

London Eye 'pie chart' shows Ukip most talked-about on Facebook

Ukip is the most-discussed political party on Facebook, with 15.6 million interactions during the election campaign to date and three million people talking about them.

With just six days to go, the social network will be lighting up the London Eye every night with information reflecting the conversations happening online.

The London Eye lights show Ukip was the most talked-about party Credit: PA

The Conservatives came in as second most talked-about party on Facebook since the start of January with 12.2 million interactions from 2.5 million.

Labour had 9.7 million interactions, followed by the Liberal Democrats and the SNP - which both had two million - and the Green Party with 1.3 million. The DUP of Northern Ireland racked up 40,000, while Plaid Cymru had 31,000 and Sinn Fein had 4,000.

Facebook has said it expects politics to be the most-discussed topic on the social network this year.

Farage 'sorry' for Jack Sen's comments

Nigel Farage has said he regrets alleged anti-Semitic comments made by a Ukip general election candidate - and insisted his party was not racist.

Jack Sen, who was standing in West Lancashire, has been suspended after directing abuse at Labour candidate Luciana Berger.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Farage said he was "sorry" about the comments, adding:

We've got over 5000 people standing for us at this election, and less than a handful have caused us a problem.

Ukip is a non-sectarian, non-racist party and we've actually got a remarkable number of people standing for us from every singel walk of life, from every religion and every ethnic group in this country.

– Nigel Farage, Ukip leader
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