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Ex-Ukip leadership candidate's extreme views revealed

When Ann-Marie Waters ran for the leadership of the UK Independence Party insiders feared the vocal anti-Islam candidate would prove divisive.

In the end, she was beaten to the top job by Henry Bolton and subsequently left the party.

Now an ITV investigation has highlighted some of Ms Waters' extreme far right views.

Despite the party having vetted her to stand for election, just a week before the results were announce then then leadership candidate told an undercover reporter that the EU was conspiring to turn Europe into an Islamic state.

Ms Waters has told ITV News that she has already publicly said much of what was recorded in the covert filming.

ITV News Security Editor Rohit Kachroo reports.

Watch the full report Undercover - Britain's New Far Right on ITV 10.40pm Thursday



Ukip leader Paul Nuttall resigns

Paul Nuttall has resigned as Ukip leader after his party failed to gain a single seat in Westminster.

The Ukip leader only managed to gain third place in Boston and Skegness as he failed to take the constituency which had the highest Leave vote in the EU Referendum.

He said: "I'm standing down today as the leader of UKIP with immediate effect. This will allow the party to have a new leader in place by the conference in September."

Watch live ITV News election coverage here.

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