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Ukip's LGBT chairman quits: 'I couldn't defend the party'

The chair of Ukip's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) supporters has left the party, citing "dissatisfaction at the failure of the leadership to set a gay-friendly tone".

"It became increasingly difficult for me to argue for a non-Classical Liberal manifesto," Booker added.

He later told PinkNews magazine he had resigned "due to disillusionment of policy direction and dissatisfaction at the failure of the leadership to set a gay-friendly tone".

Farage: 'Health service would not become like the US'

Farage said people who needed treatment would still get it under his proposals. Credit: PA

Nigel Farage has said his plans to tackle "health tourism" would not turn the NHS into an American-style health system.

The Ukip leader said: "We are a civil country and we are civil people. There may be people who come in without medical insurance, such as genuine refugees.

"The idea that someone who was in trouble would not receive treatment is not what we're saying here."


Farage vows to clamp down on 'health tourism' of NHS

Ukip leader Nigel Farage delivers his speech in Rochester. Credit: pool

Nigel Farage has said he would make it a condition for people coming into the UK to have health insurance if they want to seek medical treatment here.

Outlining Ukip's policies on the NHS, the party leader said this would apply to those entering on a visa or work permit "as we would do if we were abroad".

Dubbed "health tourism", the cost of paying for overseas patients to undergo healthcare on the NHS is estimated to cost up to £2 billion a year.

Farage added he was committed to keeping the NHS free and pledged to abolish hospital car parking charges if elected.


Farage 'believes Tories will be biggest party come May'

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said he believes the Conservatives will be the biggest party after the general election in May.

Mr Farage said while Tory leader David Cameron "looks like" a leader, which he said he believes many traditional Conservative voters find "reassuring" - though warned that "blue collar" Tory voters were disillusioned.

Nigel Farage has said he believes the Conservatives will be the biggest party come May Credit: PA

As for the opposition, he said, Ed Miliband had lost traditional Labour voters as he could not "connect" with them.

Ed's problem? Can you imagine Ed going into a working man's club in Newcastle for a drink? I can't. It just doesn't work.

You've got a Labour leader who's not connecting with that traditional vote.

You've got a Conservative leader who is connecting with middle-class Tories but has completely lost the support of more blue-collar Tories.

– Nigel Farage

Labour loses Harriet Yeo as she quits to back Ukip

Harriet Yeohas left the Labour party to support Ukip. Credit: Facebook - Labour Medway Group

A senior member of the Labour party has become the latest politician to back Ukip.

Harriet Yeo resigned because of Ed Miliband's refusal to offer a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Yeo, the former chair of Labour's ruling National Executive Committee, said she was not defecting to Ukip but would support their campaign.

The former leader of the Labour group on Ashford Council in Kent is now expected to stand as an independent.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: "I'm delighted that Ukip can now count upon the support of such respected figure as Harriet Yeo."

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