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Farage: Corbyn is 'a gift to Ukip'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour's new leader has been a 'gift to Ukip' and will see his party pick up more votes in future.

Speaking on the first day of the Ukip party conference Farage said Corbyn's turnaround on his previous eurosceptic stance would cost him in the polls.

He said: "I believe a whole new flank of the Labour vote is there for Ukip, I think Corbyn is a gift to Ukip."


Woman shows off Nigel Farage tattoo at conference

A woman has had a portrait of Nigel Farage tattooed on her arm.

Speaking on the first day of the Ukip conference, Kerrie Webb told ITV News that the party's leader was a "national hero".

The tattoo was done three months ago. Credit: Vincent McAviney/ITV News
Kerrie Webb speaking to reporters. Credit: Vincent McAviney/ITV News

Poll: Two thirds of businesses want to stay in EU

The results of a new poll have shown almost two thirds of business people would vote to remain in the EU if a referendum on Britain's membership was held tomorrow.

According to the poll, carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce, the majority of those asked would vote to stay in the EU and only 27% would opt to leave.

would vote to stay in the EU
would opt to leave the EU
1 in 10
still undecided

The results of the poll were released as Nigel Farage claimed today that Britain has a 50/50 chance of leaving the EU.

Lynton Crosby turned down Ukip no campaign role

Lynton Crosby turned down a role with Ukip's no campaign Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Political strategist Lynton Crosby turned down the chance to help shape Ukip's '' no campaign, it has been revealed.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme millionaire donor Arron Banks said leaders of the campaign had lunch with the strategist and he said no to joining them.

He said: "He's the Prime Minister's advisor so I would be pretty surprised to see if he did join the campaign."

Banks, a main funder to Ukip's '' campaign, said campaign leaders had since gone to America to find a strategist.

Britain has 50/50 chance of leaving EU, says Farage

Nigel Farage is set to focus on the topic of leaving the EU in his party conference speech Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA

Britain has a 50/50 chance of leaving the European Union, according to Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

Speaking ahead of his party conference speech this afternoon, the eurosceptic politician claimed as many people were likely to vote to leave the EU as to stay and said he would be dedicating his time to campaigning in the in/out referendum.

He said: "I'm not deserting the party but winning the referendum is absolutely key and that's where our energies must go."

Farage, who earlier this month announced Ukip would be launching its own campaign for a No vote in the upcoming referendum, has already said his party will work with any other group that also shares the aim of ensuring the country leaves the EU.


Farage to launch Ukip conference with EU vote pledge

Nigel Farage will launch Ukip's annual conference on Friday by telling activists they must focus on securing Britain's exit from the EU in a planned referendum.

Nigel Farage believes winning the EU referendum is 'absolutely key'. Credit: PA

The party leader believes there is a 50/50 chance of Britain voting to leave the EU and is to pledge all his time to campaigning in the in/out referendum.

"I'm not deserting the party but winning the referendum is absolutely key and that's where our energies must go," he will tell the conference in Doncaster.

"Ukip is committed to leaving the EU, and we have always said that we would work with anybody who shared the same aim."

Ukip secured nearly four million votes in May's general election but only claimed one Westminster seat.

UKIP 'neither wants or needs Manston to become a lorry park'

UKIP have released a joint statement from Nigel Farage and Chris Wells, the Leader of Thanet district Council, in response to the announcement that Manston airport would be used to ease traffic congestion.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage issues joint statement opposing plan for Manston. Credit: Reuters

UKIP neither wants nor needs the Ramsgate area, including Manston, to become a lorry park.

This is a simplistic and short term approach to the ongoing crisis in Calais and Dover.

UKIP-controlled Thanet District Council is only interested in getting lorries moving so that business can flourish, not simply transferring the parking problem from Dover into the neighbouring districts.

– UKIP Statement
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