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Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Bernie Sanders has endorsed is former rival Hillary Clinton. Credit: Reuters

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed former rival Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for the US presidential election.

"Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process," Sanders said to cheers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

"And I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States.

"Addressing the very serious crises that we face... there is no doubt in my mind that as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is by far and away the best candidate to do that."


Investigation into Hilary Clinton emails reopened

Hilary Clinton Credit: Reuters

The US State Department has reopened an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and senior aides.

The investigation is restarting following the decision by the Justice Department not to pursue a criminal investigation, spokesman John Kirby said.

The State Department suspended its review in April to avoid interfering with the FBI's inquiry.

Mr Kirby set no deadline for the investigation's completion.

On Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey said Clinton had been "careless" when when handling her emails.

The Democratic presidential contender has been the subject of a long-running controversy over her use of private email while she was Secretary of State until early 2013.

US could have invaded Iraq without UK, says former colonel

Colonel Peter Mansoor speaking to GMB. Credit: GMB

The United States could have completed the invasion of Iraq without the help of the UK, a former US Army colonel has said.

Colonel Peter Mansoor, executive officer to General David Petraeus who led the 2007 American military "surge" in Iraq made the comments while speaking to Good Morning Britain.

He added: "More importantly, it might have given the Bush administration some pause", and added that the "special relationship" between the US and the UK was not about "linking arms".

He called the Iraq War "one of the largest, strategic mistakes in American history", saying he "applauded" the British government for launching the inquiry.

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