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White House intruder was 'armed with knife'

An intruder who made it into the White House after breaching security was allegedly armed with a knife, a court document has revealed.

Oscar Gonzalez was filmed running towards the presidential residence.

Oscar Gonzalez, 42, climbed over the fence and made it through an entrance to the White House on Friday night - just minutes after President Obama and his daughters had left the presidential residence.

Gonzalez was charged with unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds while carrying a "deadly or dangerous weapon," the US Attorney's Office said.

The Secret Service previously said Gonzalez was unarmed.

White House security increased after intruder scare

Security at the White House will be increased after a man managed to jump over a fence and enter the doors of the building, the Secret Service said.

Journalists were evacuated after a man managed to evade security and enter the White House. Credit: Reuters

The director of the Secret Service Julia Pierson has ordered the "immediate enhancement of officer patrols and surveillance capabilities along the Pennsylvania Avenue fence line".

An internal investigation into security procedures is also under way following the breach, the service added.

The White House was partially evacuated on Friday night after Omar J Gonzalez evaded security and entered the doors of the executive mansion.

The Secret Service said agents displayed "tremendous restraint and discipline" in dealing with Gonzalez.


Intruder managed to run through White House doors

An intruder managed to make it through doors into the White House before he was caught, officials say.

An armed agent is seen following the evacuation. Credit: Reuters

Omar J Gonzalez, 42, jumped over a fence and ran towards the residence before entering the North Portico doors, sparking a partial evacuation of staff and reporters.

The incident occurred just minutes after President Obama and his daughters had left in a helicopter.

After Gonzalez was detained and a search of the area complete, workers were allowed to re-enter the White House.

A Secret Service spokesperson told NBC News it "will review the response to ensure that proper protocol is followed."

Armed Secret Service seen during evacuation

A Secret Service agent armed with an automatic rifle was seen helping people evacuate the White House following a security alert.

An intruder was seen running across the grounds of the complex moments after President Obama departed.

The agent is seen hurrying people to evacuate the grounds following the alert. Credit: Reuters


Staff and press 'evacuated' from White House after alert

White House staff and journalists are being evacuated from the building after an intruder reportedly entered the grounds of the residence.

Armed Secret Service officials are said to have ordered journalists out of the West Wing after the alert.

NBC News' Chris Jansing tweeted from the scene.

Man shoots dead his daughter and six grandchildren

A grandfather shot dead his daughter and her six children before killing himself at a home in Florida, police said.

Don Spirit is believed to have shot dead his daughter and her children before killing himself. Credit: Reuters

Don Spirit, 51, took his own life after police arrived at his home in Bell, a small town in Florida.

The children ranged in age from three months to 10 years, police said.

Gilchrist County Sheriff Robert Schultz said: "There's certain things in life you can explain. There's some things you can't. This is something you can't explain."

Nasa confirms billion-dollar contracts for Boeing and SpaceX

Nasa has announced that manned spacecraft will again launch from the United States after deals with Boeing and SpaceX.

The total potential contract value is $4.2 billion for Boeing and $2.6 billion for SpaceX, with the spacecraft launching from Kennedy Space Center.

It is hoped the new deal will see crews fly to the International Space Station "in just a few years...ending the nation’s sole reliance on Russia by 2017," Nasa Administrator Charles Bolden said.

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