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John Kerry: US could not ask for a better ally than UK

US Secretary of State John Kerry Credit: Reuters

US Secretary of State John Kerry has reassured both the EU and the UK that the US respects the result of the British referendum on the EU, and that it will not damage ties between the two countries.

In a speech on Monday he said that the United States counts on strong UK leadership in the G7, the UN Security Council and NATO.

He said the US will "maintain its special and strong relationship with Great Britain," and that the the country "could not ask for a better friend and ally".


Democrats end sit-in protest over gun control laws

Democrats from the House and Senate stage a sit-in Credit: PA

Democrats have decided to end their sit-in protest over gun control.

Democrat Representative John Lewis had started the sit-in protest over gun control laws, after the Senate blocked proposals for tighter gun control.

Lewis said on Twitter that Democrats must "never give up" and should come back "more determined than ever before".


Disney has killed over 200 'nuisance' alligators in ten years

Alligators are caught and killed in Florida after wandering onto property Credit: Reuters

The Walt Disney Company has had more than 240 "nuisance" alligators captured and killed over the last decade at its Florida theme park property, according to records.

State records have revealed the park's constant struggle to keep alligators away from their guests in a region where the animals live and breed, occasionally crossing paths with humans.

Last week, a 2-year-old boy died after he was dragged into a lagoon by an alligator at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Lane Graves was killed when an alligator snatched him at a Walt Disney Resort Credit: Orange County Sheriff's Office

Critics said there were no signs warning of alligators when the tragedy occurred, and Disney has since installed signs.

Florida trapper Ron Ziemba, who trapped and killed alligators on Disney World property for five years, said: "You'll never be able to get them all.

"There are just so many canals, so many waterways. The gators travel a lot."

Democrats: 'We are not giving up the fight'

Representative John Lewis has stated that Democrats are "not giving up the fight" to get stricter gun control laws.

The "ongoing fight" will "start all over again", the civil rights leader promised, when Representatives return to the House after the Fourth of July holiday.

Around two dozen Democrats remain in the House, refusing to end the sit in.

Democrat: 'I will stay until Hell freezes over'

Representative Maxine Waters has vowed to stay 'until Hell freezes over'. Credit: Reuters

As Republicans headed home from the House of Representatives, Democrats stayed shouting "No bill, no break!"

Representative Maxine Waters, of California, said she was ready to stay "until Hell freezes over".

Although the Democrats are winding down their protest, a core group is lingering, some wrapped in blankets or resting on pillows. They are refusing to leave and say they will continue the sit in without cameras, lights, or a legislative session.

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