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'Woman in Black's' mysterious journey comes to an end

A woman wearing black robes who has been walking across America has ended her journey - but the reason behind her trip remains a mystery, NBC News reports.

The reason behind the 'Woman in Black's' journey remains a mystery.
The reason behind the 'Woman in Black's' journey remains a mystery. Credit: Where is the Mysterious Woman in Black?/Facebook

The woman was reportedly spotted in US states Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia, where her journey finished. She arrived in Winchester yesterday and police decided to escort her to an unknown location after dozens of fans were waiting for her.

Police told News4 the woman wants to remain in the city and be part of the community but now wants to be left alone.

The reason for her trip is still unknown although police reportedly said her journey was related to faith and religion.

Earlier this week, a man called Raymond Poles told Reuters he was the woman's brother and claimed the woman in black was Elizabeth Potts - a 54-year-old army veteran, mother-of-two and widow.

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Group of Britons leave Libya on board French boat

A group of UK nationals has left Libya on a French boat following the escalation in violence between rival militias in and around the capital, Tripoli.

"A small group of British nationals left Tripoli this morning on board a French frigate," a Foreign Office spokesperson said.

"Our advice remains that British nationals should leave by commercial means still available, and we are monitoring the situation and keeping our advice under constant review."

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Dead child's body discovered in US Air Force plane

The body of a dead child has been discovered in wheel well of a US Air Force plane that landed in Germany, NBC News reported.

A child's body was discovered in a US Air Force C-130 similar to this one
A child's body was discovered in a US Air Force C-130, similar to this one. Credit: Reuters

It is believed that the youngster climbed aboard the C-130 Hercules transporter in Mali, but the flight made several stops before coming to its final destination at the Ramstein Air Base.

A senior American official told the station that the body, which was not visible during a routine safety inspection, was discovered during a post-mission maintenance check on Sunday.

German authorities have taken charge of the investigation and autopsy because the body is not American. The US military is also investigating how he got into the wheel well in what appears to be a serious security breach.


Libya: Huge fire as rockets hit fuel tanks near Tripoli

A rocket attack on fuel tanks near Tripoli airport in Libya has caused a huge "out of control" fire as clashes between rival militias intensified.

Smoke rises in the sky near Tripoli
Smoke rises in the sky after a rocket hit a fuel storage tank near Tripoli. Credit: Reuters

"It is out of control. The second tank has been hit and the firefighters have withdrawn from the site as the fighting has resumed in the area", the National Oil Company Mohamed Al-Harrai told Reuters.

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Libya asks for international help amid fighting

Libya has asked for international help after an oil depot caught fire amid clashes over the country's international airport in Tripoli.

The country's interim government said in a statement posted on its website that the fighting between rival militias caused the blaze, which could trigger a "humanitarian and environmental disaster."

Tripoli airport
Tripoli International Airport was heavily damaged during shelling last week. Credit: Reuters

It appealed for "international help" but did not specify what sort of help it wants.

Libyan TV stations called on residents to evacuate areas within a three-mile radius of the airport. Many Libyan families responded to the call and scrambled to leave their homes.

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Dozens killed in Libya as western diplomats flee

At least 36 people were killed during the weekend's clashes between Libyan Special Forces and Islamist militants in Benghazi, security officials said.

The government said more than 150 people have died, many of them civilian, in the capital Tripoli and Benghazi in two weeks of fighting as clashes forced UK and other foreign diplomats to pull out of the country.

Militants and government forces clash in Benghazi.
Militants and government forces clash in Benghazi. Credit: Reuters

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Man dies after Venice Beach lightning strike

A 20-year-old man has died after lightning struck 14 people at Venice Beach in Los Angeles and Catalina Island.

Lifeguards bring a victim of the strike to shore on Venice Beach. Credit: Reuters

Twelve other people were injured on the beach, with one still in a critical condition in hospital.

A 57-year-old man was also hit on a golf course on Catalina Island.

A witness earlier described seeing a "big flash of light and a boom" when the lightning struck.

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