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Trump vows to bring back waterboarding interrogation

Donald Trump has again courted controversy during a US Republican party presidential candidate debate.

He said he would bring back the waterboarding interrogation technique and "a hell of a lot worse".

Donald Trump gestures at his fellow Republican presidential candidate rival Marco Rubio Credit: Reuters

He also told his rival Jeb Bush to be quiet during a heated exchange over government seizures of private property, adding, "he wants to be a tough guy, and it doesn't work very well".

The debate which got off to an awkward start when Ben Carson missed his introduction cue, was also a tough for Marco Rubio who clearly struggled as his rivals attacked his "inexperience".

Tampa strip club shooting 'involves seven victims'

The shooting was reported to have taken place at Club Rayne in Tampa. Credit: Google Street View

Seven people have been shot at a strip club in Tampa, Florida, local police say.

No information was immediately available on the condition of the victims, and officers are at the scene.

Police said they believe there may have been a disagreement in the club, bt but could not give specifics, the Associated Press news agency reported.

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