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Child dropped from second floor into firefighter's arms

The heart-stopping moment a father flung his child from a second-floor balcony and into a firefighter's arms has been captured on video.

The incident occurred on January 3 when Dekalb County Fire Rescue Department was called to an apartment block blaze in Decatur, Georgia.

Firefighters rescued 12 people from the inferno, which left one firefighter injured an nearly 80 people homeless.

Speeding car flies into first-floor window

A driver under the influence of drugs caused his car to fly into a first floor window of a dentist's office in California.

The speeding car hit the central reservation, launching it into the air and through the window of the building.

Two men were rescued from the car and police later said the driver had taken narcotics.


Truck falls from Texas highway landing on car

An eight-wheeler trailer truck landed on a car after falling from a highway overpass in Texas.

The vehicle flipped over and landed on the road below after driving off the Highway 59 overpass in Sugar Land on Wednesday.

Both the driver of the truck and the car survived the impact and were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


Did Trump forget the words to US national anthem?

Donald Trump appeared unsure of the words to the US's national anthem when he attended at a college American football game on Monday.

The US President was on the field for The Star-Spangled Banner before the College Football Playoff national title games between Alabama and Georgia, and seemed to only sing some of the words.

Unlike the NFL, the college football players were not on the field when the national anthem was played.

In recent months, NFL players have sparked fury from President Trump over what he perceived to be a lack of patriotism after they knelt during the national anthem prior to games in a protest at racial injustice.

The end result was Alabama Crimson Tide 26, Georgia Bulldogs 23.

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