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Baltimore police Freddie Gray arrest 'was illegal'

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has detailed the steps which led to the death of Freddie Gray, starting with his arrest.

Ms Mosby said:

  • 12th April 2015 8.45-9.30am: Freddie Gray was arrested illegally as the officers had no probable cause for his detainment
  • Mr Gray was carrying a legal knife which the officers removed
  • Mr Gray was restrained in a 'leg-lace' hold until a police wagon arrived
  • When he was put into the wagon he was at no point secured with a seat belt
  • Mr Gray was subsequently tied at the hands and feet and laid on his stomach on the floor of the wagon
  • Mr Gray suffered a 'severe and critical' neck injury as a result of his being tied but unrestrained in the wagon
  • Police did not request medical assistance, despite several requests from Mr Gray
  • 19th April 2015 Freddie Gray died in hospital
  • Cause of death was the result of a fatal injury that occured while Mr Gray was unrestrained by a seat belt while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department


Freddie Gray's death ruled a homicide

States Attorney Marilyn Mosby Credit: RTV

Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Mosby has announced that the death in custody of black man Freddie Gray has been ruled a homicide and charges will be brought over his death.

There were cheers from the waiting crowds as she made the announcement at a press conference.

Mr Gray's death sparked riots in the city after he died in police custody.

Baltimore protests continue as police file Gray report

Protesters in Baltimore Credit: Reuters

A police report on the death of a 25-year-old man who died in custody in Baltimore has been handed over to the city's chief prosecutor.

Investigators have handed over their inquiry into Freddie Gray's death to the state's attorney's office.

The city's top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, will now decide whether to take the case to a grand jury to seek an indictment of any of the six officers involved.

For the third night protesters marched through Baltimore in a peaceful demonstration on Thursday, joined by NBA star Carmelo Anthony and other celebrities, ahead of a 10pm curfew that city officials said would continue through the weekend.

The curfew was put in place after violence erupted in the city on Monday following Gray's funeral.

Protests in US cities over death of Freddie Gray

Protesters in New York City Credit: APTV

Protests have taken place in several US cities over the death of Freddie Gray earlier this month while in police custody in Baltimore.

Demonstrators gathered in New York, where more than 60 people were arrested.

Protesters take to the streets of New York City Credit: AP

There were also marches in Washington DC while a large march made its way peacefully through Baltimore's streets ahead of a curfew in the city.

Protesters outside the White House Credit: RTV
Protesters take to the streets in Washington Credit: RTV
Protesters take to the streets of Baltimore ahead of curfew

Protesters said they wanted answers about the fate of Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody.

Police are due on Friday to give their findings on Gray's death to prosecutors but have said no information will be made public.

The Mayor of Baltimore put a week-long curfew in place between 10pm and 5am after riots broke out in the city earlier this week following the funeral of Gray.

Mothers bring their angry young sons home in Baltimore

After appeals from local people and politicians across American the heat has been taken out of the Baltimore protests against the death of a black man in police custody.

In many cases it has been left to mothers to take their angry young sons off the streets.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports from Baltimore:


Baltimore police Freddie Gray report to go to prosecutors

Baltimore police has said it will not issue a report on the death of Freddie Gray but will instead turn over the department's findings to prosecutors.

Freddie Gray.

Gray died earlier this month of a spinal injury suffered while in police custody, his death sparked riots across the city.

"There is not a report that is going to be issued," Captain Eric Kowalczyk of the Baltimore Police Department said, adding that he was attempting to clear up confusion in the media over that process.

Baltimore police enforce curfew following riots

A protester throws a gas canister back at police Credit: Reuters

Police in riot gear used pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse a group of protesters in Baltimore on Tuesday night after a curfew took effect a day after riots broke out in the city.

Shortly after a citywide curfew took effect at 10 pm, police in helicopters ordered a few hundred people to disperse.

A helicopter hovers overhead of a crowd in Baltimore, Maryland Credit: Reuters

When protesters threw bottles and jeered in response, the police slowly advanced a few feet at a time, breaking up the crowd by firing rubber bullets and projectiles containing a chemical irritant.

Elsewhere in the city the curfew was mostly respected.

Protesters remained in the street despite the curfew Credit: Reuters

It comes after police arrested 250 people after shops were looted, buildings burned to the ground, and 20 police officers injured in riots on Monday that broke out in the city after the funeral of a 25-year-old man who died in police custody.

A police armoured car moves down a street Credit: Reuters

Curfew begins in Baltimore after riots over custody death

A curfew has begun in Baltimore after yesterday's riots which took place following the funeral of a 25-year-old who died in police custody.

The Mayor of Baltimore announced a curfew would be put in place in the city from 10pm on Tuesday following the unrest.

National Guardsman have been put drafted into the city to help keep the peace.

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