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US House of Representatives adjourned amid sit in

Protesters chanted 'no bill, no break!' as they vowed to continue their demonstration. Credit: Reuters/US Representative David Cicilline/Handout

The US House of Representatives has been adjourned until Friday morning amid a Democrat-led protest over gun control laws.

Democrats took over the House floor for more than 15 hours to protest Republican leaders' refusal to consider any measures to address gun control in the wake of last week's mass shooting in Orlando.

Many remain inside the House, continuing with the sit-in.

Protesters chant 'No bill, No break' in Congress

Protesters chanted 'No bill, no break' in Congress as they staged a sit-in in the House of Congress.

The group of Democrats, who have been going for 10 hours, say they will continue until the House agrees to let them vote on gun laws.

The protest has also sparked the hashtag #NoBillNoBreak on Twitter.

Earlier the speaker shut off microphones and the live camera feed in a bid to restore order.

Republicans try to end gun law sit-in with different vote

Protesters chanted 'no bill, no break!' as they vowed to continue their demo. Credit: Reuters

US Republican politicians tried to bring an end to the nine-hour sit-in by their Democratic counterparts over gun laws by voting on a different issue.

Republican Representative John Fleming said: "We're going to continue to operate. They can do as they please."

Instead congress announced an extra $1.1 billion more funding to help fight the Zika virus.


US Senate blocks legislation to close gun loophole

The US Senate has blocked legislation put forward by the Democrats to close a background check loophole surrounding gun sales.

The measure fell short 16 votes of the 60 needed to make the checks apply to all gun sales including those done at gun shows and on the internet.

The Senate is now set to vote on two other gun control measures.

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