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New York bomber's dad 'told police his son was a terrorist'

Ahmad Khan Rahami Credit: Reuters

The father of the Afghanistan-born suspect in the New York bombing attacks over the weekend reportedly told police two years ago that his son was a terrorist - but later retracted his statement.

Two senior law enforcement officials told the New York Times that Ahmad Khan Rahami's father had reported his son to police as a terrorist in 2014 after Rahami was arrested for stabbing his brother.

The official said the FBI looked into the matter, but that Mohammad Rahami, retracted his comment and said he meant his son was spending time with the wrong crowd.

The FBI reviewed its databases and found no credible connection to terrorism or threat to the US from the son, the official said.

The newspaper also reported that another official said Rahami was carrying a notebook containing writings sympathetic to jihadist causes when he was captured following a shoot-out on Monday.


Bombing suspect was 'secondary screened' on entry to USA

Rahami passed screening on his return to the USA after multiple trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Credit: ABC7

US investigators said that bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami passed secondary screening at customs when he returned to the USA from trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Officials were looking for clues as to why Rahami may have planted bombs in the New York area, including whether he was radicalised overseas or had accomplices.

Union County prosecutors charged Rahami with five counts of attempted murder in the first degree and two second-degree weapons charges after he was detained following a shootout with police on Monday.

He was in critical but stable condition as a result of his wounds but has not been interviewed in depth, New York Police Department Commissioner James O'Neill said on Tuesday.

More charges are expected to be brought against him in federal court after what New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called "an act of terror".

Wife of bombing suspect 'left USA before attacks'

Rahami married in Pakistan before bringing his wife to the USA. Credit: Union County Prosecutor's Office

The wife of bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami left the United States days before the explosions in New York and New Jersey, according to reports.

An unnamed law enforcement source told CNN officials are working with their counterparts in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates to get in touch with her.

Rahami married his wife in Pakistan and brought her to the USA but she left the country days before the attacks, it is reported.

Suspect caught on CCTV moments before bombing

Suspected bomber Ahmad Rahami was caught on CCTV moments before the Manhattan bombing apparently carrying explosives in a suitcase.

CBS News released the footage taken at 23rd Street in Chelsea, near to the site of Saturday's explosion, dragging a wheeled bag behind him that police said contained a shrapnel-packed pressure-cooker explosive.

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The device used in the Manhattan attack was similar to that used at the Boston Marathon bombing.

The footage was captured by one of more than 8,000 cameras added to the New York streets since the 9/11 attacks as part of the city's 'Ring of Steel'.

Trump laments hospital treatment for bombing suspect

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said it was a "sad situation" that New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami is to receive hospital treatment and legal representation.

At a rally in Estero, Florida, the billionaire congratulated law enforcement personnel for detaining the suspect but added: "But the bad part, now we will give him amazing hospitalisation.

"And on top of all that, he will be represented by an outstanding lawyer," he added. "What a sad situation."


US bombings feeding Trump's 'Trojan Horse' theory

The bombings in New York and New Jersey are changing the narrative of the US election campaign, with Republican candidate Donald Trump using the attacks as an example of his 'Trojan Horse' theory, ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore said.

Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was born in Afghanistan but believed to have moved to the US when he was about 14.

Mr Trump claims there are thousands of Muslim men entering the US who are poorly vetted and could be potential terrorists.

But his rival Hillary Clinton says it is that kind of anti-immigration rhetoric which is giving aid and comfort to groups like so-called Islamic State.

Trump: Clock ticking to get information from bomb suspect

Donald Trump focused on the New York bombing in his address to supporters in Estero, Florida. Credit: RTV

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said authorities need to quickly information from the main suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombing plots quickly for it to remain relevant.

Speaking to supporters at a rally in Florida, Mr Trump said investigators need to "get information" from Ahmad Rahami following his capture "before it becomes no longer timely".

Obama hails 'outstanding' capture of NY bomb suspect

President Obama is in New York to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly. Credit: Reuters

US President Barack Obama has hailed authorities for the "outstanding" capture of the prime suspect in the New York bombing attacks.

Ahmad Khan Rahami was apprehended after a shootout in New Jersey that began when he was roused from sleeping in a bar doorway by a police officer.

NY suspect to face attempted murder and gun charges

Ahmad Rahami was captured after a shootout with police in Linden, New Jersey.

The main suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombing plots, Ahmad Rahami, will be charged on five counts of attempted murder and face two gun charges, Reuters has reported, citing a law enforcement source.

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