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Man executed for killing police officer in high-speed chase

Lopez, 27, said he did not intend to kill the officer. Credit: Reuters

A man convicted of fatally running down a police officer during a high-speed chase has been executed in America.

Daniel Lopez received a lethal injection at the Texas death chamber in Huntsville and was pronounced dead at 6.31pm local time on Wednesday.

In 2009, Corpus Christi Police Lieutenant Stuart Alexander, 47, was laying spikes on the road to flatten tires when Lopez's SUV hit him and sent him flying 53 metres in the air.

Lopez, 27, who said he did not intend to kill the officer, fought for years to speed up the date of his execution and dropped appeals for a stay of execution.


Former US president Jimmy Carter says he has cancer

Jimmy Carter. Credit: Reuters

Former US president Jimmy Carter says he has cancer and will begin treatment.

NBC reports that says recent liver surgery has revealed the cancer has spread to other parts of his body.

Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body.

I will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so I can undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare.

A more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week.

– Statement by former US President Jimmy Carter

Carter, now aged 90, was president from 1977-1981.

Police release CCTV of Ferguson suspect 'holding gun'

Police released CCTV which they say shows Tyrone Harris pulling a handgun from his waistband. Credit: St. Louis County Police Department/YouTube

Police in America have released CCTV footage which they say shows a teenager pulling a gun from his waistband shortly before he was shot by officers.

Tyrone Harris has been charged with four counts of assault after allegedly firing at police during an event to mark a year since the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

Harris, 18, was left in a critical condition on Sunday after being shot in Ferguson, Missouri, when officers returned fire, police said.

The footage shows a crowd running for cover before a man wearing a white t-shirt pulls what appears to be a gun from his waistband and runs off-camera. Police said the man is Harris.


More arrests for disruption as Ferguson protests continue

At least nine people have been arrested during a fourth consecutive night of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, which has seen a state of emergency declared in the US city.

The confrontations with police continued despite state governor Jay Nixon's appeal for protests that mark a year since the police shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown to remain peaceful.

Several people were detained last night, hours after St. Louis County declared a state of emergency in Ferguson as a result of violence peaking on Sunday night with gunfire. Credit: REUTERS/Rick Wilking
Protesters were detained after traffic was reportedly blocked in the city. Credit: REUTERS/Rick Wilking
Demonstrators were met by a cordon of police wearing riot shields, helmets and bullet-proof vests. Credit: REUTERS/Rick Wilking
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